Say Cheese! I Love to Take Pics- Do You? Make Photography One of your Hobbies

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Mangaluru: Photography is defined as a process or art of producing images. To me photography is much more than just a process or art. I would say that it’s not only my hobby, but my passion. Photography holds in it so much emotion and feeling. Just the possibility of capturing a moment with just a click of a button is very thrilling.



Photography presents a feeling of accomplishment, because even when a photo doesn’t turn out the way you want, you have a chance to try again until you’re happy with the result. It also provides a new way of seeing the world around you. Through the lens you can see so many more details, so much more happening, and those things in itself inspire you to take a photo. This activity really is about invention, rebirth, evolution and emotion. It’s a way to educate oneself. A way to study the way things work and the way people function.

After thinking long and hard, the only negatives of photography as a hobby are minor details, which are luckily fixable. Such as the light not being bright enough or coming from the wrong direction. I suppose there is a price on photography. If you’re really serious about it, the equipment may cost a lot, but if you’re seriously interested in photography, even that wouldn’t stop you. All in all photography really is a wonderful activity. It not only gives a feeling of contentment, but I have realized that it also can teach you a lot about the world around you and about yourself as well.

Photography is my favorite hobby.The aim of indulging such an interest is sheer pleasure or relaxation. It refreshes the mind and provides a welcome change from such dull and dreary routine of daily life. I love to read articles and magazines on the subject of photography.Photography is quite expensive pastime and to be a good photographer one needs a lot of training and guidance.

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To be a good photographer you’ll have to take all aspects into consideration. You have to look from all directions to capture a picture. You have to decide which direction will be the best. Color combination is also a very important factor. While taking pictures of animals or birds a photographer has to wait for hours and it needs lots of patience. In recent times there are very advanced cameras that are available in the shops, its lenses are also very useful.With the help of the lenses one can capture photos even from far distance. People are looking as a career to this subject.

When my friends invite me for parties/ weddings/or any grand occasions I always take my camera along. If I happened to go on vacations I always travel with my inevitable camera. I am particularly interested in capturing landscapes, scenery, human life, animals etc etc, Photography has made my senses keen and my imagination sharp. I have developed a wonderful aesthetic sense. I have stored many of my photos in albums, and when I really nothing to do I just leaf through the photo albums and a whole gamut of interesting reminiscences rush through my mind.

As I share my personal reasons on photography hobby, I’d like to encourage you to to become a photographer too. Then I’m sure everybody will have a great story to tell about their photography hobby. I believe we all picked up a camera at a very young age, no matter how simple or basic that camera may have been. Yes, you don’t need talent to take pictures, but unless your goal was to make photography your art medium, there’s nothing wrong with just snapping pictures with no concern on technicalities nor aesthetics. With digital photography, the immediate feedback connects us even faster. Camera phones, remote uploads, social media sharing all allows us to see the world as it happens – yes, even if there’s no skill involved!

Yes, photography gadgets are Fun -The technology revolving around photography is highly addictive and the way brands play into people’s minds produced both amusing conflicts and inspirational camaraderie. New technologies bring out new needs for additional accessories and gadgets, and for most of us gear heads, we’re more than willing to help out the economy and feed that gear lust of ours. The biggest reason, I believe, is just the ability of capturing a moment as it happens with just a single click of a button. Sure, skilled and experience photographers may capture the scene in a more artistic manner compared to the casual snapper, but the key point is, you captured what you want to remember right then and there!

The ability of photography to connect to our past, associate us in an event, and preserve memories without words or interpretation makes it an influential hobby for all of us. What’s your story? How did you get started with photography? Where has it taken you and what else will you do with it? Share it below in the comment box or write an article on your photography hobby for

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Neil Antony Pinto, age 26, residing in Bajpe-Mangaluru is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer from NMAMIT, Nitte, and currently working as an Electrical Engineer for a construction firm in Mangaluru. Apart from listening to music, Numismatic and Antique collector, Neil is very much into photography. His Photography line of interest is Portrait photography. Neil believes in the Photography motto: “All That You Click Is Not Photography, But It Is What Makes You Click”. We welcome Neil as our regular photo contributor on various topics like Nature, Human, Animals, Scenery, etc. Look forward to more photo stills by Neil to be published soon.

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