Science and English

""My name is Karl Ebrahim. I am interested in karate and playing the piano. I go to the Abu Dhabi Indian School. I go for karate classes at the Oriental karate and kobodu club. I also go for piano classes at the Art house music training center. I also know a bit of Spanish. I enjoy my karate. And I even feel good playing the piano.

Nowadays, I am learning a Portuguese song from my grandmother. I like singing it. I know the meaning of the song as well.

I have many friends. It is never easy to make friends but I have managed to make friends with many children that I like. I made friends with a boy named Pratyaksh by sharing my chips with him.

I like science and English. But there are some things in English I can’t understand. For example, "Why do they say "ladies and gentlemen" when giving speeches. Why not "gentleladies and gentlemen"? Aren’t ladies gentle also?

I think many science topics are interesting such as gravity. I wonder what if there was no gravity. I have written a few lines on this which are given below :

What if there was no gravity ?

  1. We would not need a shelf. We could just put a book on the wall and it would stay there !
  2. If there was no gravity, we could also throw a ball up in the sky and it would stay there too !
  3. We could also put a chips packet in the air when we are tired of holding it.
  4. We can put a pepsi can on a wall when we are doing something.
  5. The shopkeepers also do not need to have chocolates or food holders to put their food in them. They could just leave the food in the air !
  6. If I carry my friend, he would float in the air.
  7. I also do not need to carry my school bag. I could just pull it in the air.

Author: Karl Ebrahim- UAE