SDPI holds Day long Hunger Strike Demanding implementation of Schemes for Minorities

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SDPI holds Day long Hunger Strike Demanding implementation of Schemes for Minorities

Udupi: The programmes formulated for minorities are not effectively implemented said Iqbal Bellare, SDPI D.K Secretary. He was speaking during a state-wide protest organised by SDPI in front of the Deputy Commissioners Office, Rajathadri here on December 3.


Political parties keep announcing schemes for minorities but none of the schemes are implemented. The central and state government have neglected the welfare of the minorities.

All Political parties include minority development agenda in their election manifesto just for the sake of publicity and vote bank. Once they come to power, all the development agendas and gimmicks are forgotten. The Muslim community has been deprived of all facilities being the largest minority community in Karnataka. Justice Rajender Singh in his report has thrown light into the pathetic living conditions of the Muslim community. The UPA government had formulated various schemes for the welfare of the Muslim community but had not implemented them.


After taking the reins of power, the NDA Government created a number of Commissions aimed at the development of minorities, but till date, we have not seen the realisation of any of their recommendations. The NDA government has failed to implement schemes recommended by various commissions. After more than 2.5 years of rule, the NDA government has done nothing to implement any of the schemes for the development of the minorities. The Central Government is delaying the distribution of scholarships for the students. Both the Central and State Governments have miserably failed in living up to the expectations of the minorities by giving them their due rights. We have continuously been witnessing that the rights of minorities are being ignored or even denied.


The state and the central government should implement all the schemes for the minorities. The government should reserve rupees 10,000 crores for the development of the minorities. 15 percent of reservation should be extended to the minorities. Special coaching should be made available to minority students. Hostels should be started for working women from the minority community. The Control of Communal Incidents Act 2005 should be implemented, he added.

Ashraf Manchi, Sadiq Udupi, Abdul Rehman, Ilias Sastan, Nazeer Udupi and others were present.

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  1. “Ashraf Manchi, Sadiq Udupi, Abdul Rehman, Ilias Sastan, Nazeer Udupi….” – Report quoting names of leaders from this organization.

    I don’t remember these guys holding strike demanding the implementation of uniform civil code to defend the rights of their own women. Why selective outrage? Is it taqiyya?

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