Seems Like God Heard Bishop’s Prayer for Rains? City Showing Signs of Monsoon

Seems Like God Heard Bishop’s Prayer for Rains? City Showing Signs of Monsoon

Mangaluru: On 16 May Mangaluru Diocese Bishop Rev Dr Peter Paul Saldanha through a press release had asked the Faithful to gather at their respective or favorite Churches to Pray for Rains to overcome Water Crisis in City, during the Church Mass on Saturday 18 May and Sunday, 19 May- and the response was great, with the faithful gathering in large numbers on those two days, offering their extra prayers to the Almighty God to shower rains. And the result of their prayers showed signs of rains on Sunday night, with heavy thunder and lighting, even though the rains were moderate. And this morning (Monday) we are seeing dark clouds, and also signs of drizzling rain- at least bringing relief to the hot temperature, rather than solving the water crisis. But it looks like rain is in the forecast for the next few days.

In a press release, the diocese of Mangaluru had stated, “Since people are facing scarcity of water due to delayed monsoon, Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha has requested all the parishes, institutions and religious houses of men and women to organize prayers for the rains on Saturday May 18 and Sunday May 19.” The press release also stated that the Bishop has given a call to all the people ‘to trust in the providence of God and pray for rains unceasingly’. Bishop Saldanha had also further stated that “The weather forecast says that the monsoon is delayed. We are facing the problem of scarcity of water. I earnestly request all the parishes, institutions and religious houses of men and women to implore God to be merciful towards us and grant rain. We trust in the power of Lord Jesus to come to our aid,”. Thank You Bishop, for your thoughtful idea in urging your flock to pray for the rains, and your efforts are kind of materialized!

As the the proverb “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers”, or the shorter, trochaic version “April showers bring May flowers” are common expressions in English speaking countries. But unfortunately, this year we didn’t see any rains in the month of April, but now in the month of May we are seeing few showers here and there. Whatever the versions are, monsoon seemed like it came few weeks later than the expected time which starts in April. Although it didn’t pour down heavily, but the rain was quite enough to dampen the soil, created some cool temperature, was a relief for plants and trees, etc etc. Usually, the pre monsoon is expected sometime during the month of April followed by South West monsoons in the first week of May.”Probably it rained due to Global Warming? say a few people.

Cool breeze spread a blanket of pleasant weather around bringing down the summer heat considerably, last night and even this morning. The breeze was accompanied by steady drizzle, few thunders that continued for a short time. The drizzle gave some respite from the dryness the city had endured for over last few months. Although it didn’t rain heavily, but it was enough to wet some of the items or clothes/firewood left out to dry. After days of searing heat, Sunday May 19th night, saw the city under a cover of clouds. Temperature during the day fell while the slightest of rain cooled down a few areas in the City. Guess, everyone had a cool and pleasant night of sleep- only to wake up this morning to see drizzling rain outside.

Students were seen making use of their umbrellas that were kept in the closet once again, as it was raining a bit in the City. Street vendors were also facing a little inconveniences in handling their business since they were not ready for the sudden rain. It was a blink-and-miss drizzle in most part of the city, but certain pockets recorded significant rainfall. But the drizzle was quite enough to wet few commuters and two-wheeler riders. While few ladies had folding umbrellas in their bags, they came handy for them this morning. While Kudla’s climate may indeed be changing, including under the influence of anthropogenic, global climate change, it is important to understand the nuances of City’s weather, climate and variability first.

And due to this Monsoon rain, this morning a white foam or scum was observed on some of the roads of the city. This is because the rain water mixes with a few months’ worth of oils, tar and rubber that have accumulated on the roads. It is possible that they make the roads more slippery than usual. But we should be all happy that at least, this rain has cooled down the temperature a bit- and if it continues for the next few hours- I bet everyone will have a cool and pleasant sleep tonight too, if the present weather stays like this all day long. Good Morning, and wishing you also a Early Goodnight of pleasant & cool sleep!.

While being HAPPY to see some rain after a long time, I end this column with a HAPPY rain song in Kannada “Male Banthu Male”on Youtube- enjoy listening it: