Sharan Pumpwell should be interrogated to find truth behind Mustafa Murder – Ilyas

Sharan Pumpwell should be interrogated to find truth behind Mustafa Murder – Ilyas

Mangaluru: The Popular Front of India (PFI) staged a protest against the murder of Mustafa Kavoor in the Mysuru jail and demanded the arrest of the culprits, in front of the DC office here on November 30.

District PFI president Mohammed Haneef delivered the keynote address and said that Mustafa Kavoor was killed in Mysuru jail on November 10. “It is a conspiracy by the RSS and Sangh Parivar to kill Muslim youth. The case should be investigated and the culprits should be punished. We trusted the law and postponed our protest but now the time has come to protest against the atrocities against innocent Muslim youth. This protest is just the beginning. In the coming days, we will intensify our fight for justice,” said Haneef.

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Ilyas Mohammed Thumbay, National Chief Secretary of SDPI said, “Mustafa Kavoor is a martyr. He is our inspiration to fight for our rights. On November 10, on the day of Tipu Jayanti, Mustafa was stabbed by Kiran Shetty in the Mysuru Central Jail.” Mustafa was arrested in October 2015, in the murder case of flower merchant and Bajrang Dal activist from Moodbidre, Prashanth. In July 2016, Mustafa was shifted from Mangaluru jail to Mysuru jail. He had been granted bail but before he could be released, he was killed by Bajrang Dal activist Kiran Shetty. “Do we need to ask the question that how many police constables are members of Bajrang Dal?! If the police want peace and harmony in the society, let them respect their Khaki and not be the slaves of Bajrang Dal. We do not want sympathy rather we need justice. Dakshina Kannada is a city of intellectuals but the Sangh Parivar along with some of the police and some media are spoiling the peace in the society.”

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Ilyas further said, “Prior to his murder, Mustafa got bail but there was a conspiracy to kill him in jail. Attempts to finish him were made even when he was in Mangaluru jail. Mustafa was arrested in the Moodbidri murder case. During his time in Mangaluru jail, he was fixed and included in the rowdy sheeter list. Why are the police not including the Bajrangi’s? Why don’t they include them for training the Durga Vahini members with weapons? Why don’t the police include Prabhakar Bhat, Jagadish Shenava and Satyajit Suratkal for delivering inciting speeches? When we complain against the RSS and Sangh Parivar members for delivering inciting speeches, the police ask for video proof but when they include Muslim youth in the rowdy sheeter list, the police don’t ask for any evidence.”

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“If the police really want to nab those responsible for Mustafa’s murder, they should arrest Sharan Pumpwell and interrogate him. He will surely tell them the name of those involved in the murder. Why is the goonda act only applicable for Muslim youth? Why is it not extended for RSS and Bajrang Dal activists? If the RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP are not banned, there will be no peace in the society. The RSS and Bajrang Dal thirst for the blood of Muslims and Christians. The Police Commissioner has released a most wanted list of 8 Muslim Youth. Why are there no RSS, Bajrang Dal activists on this list? Are Jagadish Shenava and Sharan Pumpwell not the most wanted? Why are only the Muslim youth being targetted?” he questioned.

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President of PFI Mysuru district Farooq said, “On Tipu Jayanti, our brother Mustafa Kavoor was killed. We did not ask or beg the state government to celebrate Tipu Jayanti. We are not here to beg for justice to Mustafa. We are here to demand justice. If we do not get our rights, we know how to snatch them. It is our duty to fight for justice for Mustafa. When Kiran Shetty was sent to Mysuru jail, MP Pratap Simha had visited the jail and met him. MP Pratap Simha should be called Paper Simha; he is the first accused in the murder of Mustafa. It was a preplanned murder, MP Pratap Simha should be arrested. Our government wants the votes of Muslims but the government is not giving us any protection. RSS and Sangh Parivar members are cowards. They killed an innocent person in jail.”

DK District president of PFI, Shafi Bellare said, “A protest was planned immediately when we heard that Mustafa was killed but due to the Section 144, we were unable to hold it. We doubt police involvement in Mustafa’s murder. We will give 7 days time for the arrest of those responsible for Mustafa’s murder. If not, PFI will intensify the protests. The killing of inmates in jail is the new agenda of the Sangh Parivar. The government and the police department are unable to crack the plan of the RSS. All the accused in the Mustafa murder case should be arrested and proper investigation should be done to find out those in touch with Kiran Shetty. Those who had met Kiran Shetty in jail should be investigated. The government should give a compensation of Rs 50 lakhs to the family of Mustafa.”

K Muhammed and Ibrahim also spoke on the occasion. Sharif delivered the vote of thanks and Ashraf compered the programme.

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