Shivamogga: Man dies as group attacks him after communal clash

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Shivamogga (DHNS): A 32-year-old man died after a group attacked him with lethal weapons on the outskirts of Shivamogga on Thursday evening, hours after violent clashes erupted between Hindu and Muslim groups during the unity march taken out by the cadre of Popular Front of India (PFI).




Vishwanath was riding towards Bhadravathi when the attackers waylaid him near Gajanur on the outskirts of Shivamogga. Just then, four people travelling by a jeep saw him collapse and rushed to his rescue. They too sustained minor injuries in the attack but managed to take Vishwanath to a hospital in Shivamogga where he died later, the police said. It is unclear whether the attack was communally motivated.

Earlier, tension began when a group of men threw stones at PFI activists during their march at Ameer Ahmed Circle around 4:30 pm. Nearly 900 PFI activists from various parts of Shivamogga district were taking out the march to mark the outfit’s founders’ day. During the march, PFI cadre are said to have raised slogans against a Hindu organisation. Police had to cane the troublemakers to prevent the situation from going out of control.

At least two people were injured in the violence. In addition, two bikes, over a hundred pushcarts and several shops were set on fire by the rioters. Some cars parked on BH Road 0were pelted with stones. All shops located at Shivappa Nayaka Market, Gandhi Bazar, Nehru Road, BH Road, Seegehatti and Azadnagar put up the shutters following the violence. Cinema halls and business establishments in other parts of the city shut up shop after 6 pm. The PFI convention was later held at Science Ground amid police bandobast.

Police later banned assembly of people under section 144 of the CrPC. As many as 600 police personnel from Davangere and Haveri districts were deployed in the city’s sensitive areas. Eight platoons of KSRP have also been deployed.

M Nanjundaswamy, IGP, Eastern Range, in-charge Superintendent of Police S S Naik and Deputy Commissioner V P Ikkeri have been camping in Shivamogga. Naik told Deccan Herald, “The situation is under control. We are looking into the footage of the unity march to find out those responsible for the violence.”

Schools and colleges in Shivamogga have declared a holiday on Friday.

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  1. PFI —-> ‘Peaceful’ Front of India!!

    How come our secular folks on this forum don’t utter a word when an innocent Hindu man is ambushed and killed ? I guess all the outrage is limited in only one direction. This is precisely why India needs RSS. Who else will stand up to these aggressive forces in the absence of RSS ?

    • This is precisely why India needs RSS. Who else will stand up to these aggressive forces in the absence of RSS. – Original Rampa.

      Who else? Arre Rampa! It can ONLY be you – aka Phoreen Chaddi Pai.

      Who else BUT the anointed one who knows all (you) – be it in a 3rd world country where the Police are all “dollu Hotte’d” whereas the Police in a so-called world country are making news by beating the Blacks purplish green!

      Nice Joke ya Rampu.

    • PyareLallu Rampanna,

      The Centre was very quick to lock up Jitender Singh Tomar of the AAP for forged degree(s)/Domicile Certificate etc..

      So, why is our Pyare 56 inch ‘ThigaleMan’ Globetrotter so reluctant to take some action against HIS OWN party’s Cabinet Minister who filed a false affidavit with her educational qualifications? She smashed Pumpkin P.. oops… Pie on her face by claiming that she had a DEGREE from Yale after attending some silly 1 week freebie orientation course or some crap of that sort! Oh… she happens to be the HRD minister who recently relocated her toilet because it didn’t comply with ‘Vastu’.

      Oh no! This is not some Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Just google it Rampa.

    • ……when an innocent Hindu man…… – Rampa

      We didn’t HEAR ONE word from you when black men are shot left right and centre and the slim and trim ‘folis’ in USA are gunning after the blacks and/or using excessive force without adequate reason.

      Instead, you focus on India – a country you were ashamed to be in (as per Sriman Podi’ji – did he say it in Canada or Bangladesh 😉 ) and hence did ‘padhrad’ from! Your Pradhana Sevaka had said that people who did ‘Padhrad and Padhimooji” to ‘Phoreen’ are falling over over backwards to come back.

      Rampu…. come back please.

      Kaar Aggel Bharatha Swacch
      Mathr Baandh kashti Gatt!

      Jai Rampa Ki

      Btw, rampa, where is our KS Bhat? Vanished like our Madam RitaBai?

      • ‘..shot left, right and center’ says Joker Praveena Pinto!!

        Dear Anganawaadi student,
        Remember – Your visa got rejected and your world view doesn’t go beyond goat farms in Saudi. So, you need to stop commenting on doddanna’s cops and its complicated society!! You better focus on what you know best – Beedi business!! smiles…

        • Your visa got rejected… goat farms in Saudi…So you need to stop commenting on Boddanna’s cops…. – RampaNNA

          Pyarelallu Rampu,

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          Good going ya Rampu. More bleats and chirps please. 🙂

          • Joker Praveena Pinto,
            Don’t get all defensive when I point out the obvious things!! smiles…What proof are you talking about? Do you produce proof on this forum ? This is precisely why you are the joke and joker!! Anyway, your views on goat farm and beedi business are welcome here. 🙂

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