Shooting mall sequences in ‘CSK’ was challenging: Director

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Chennai, March 25 (IANS) Debutante director Sathiyamoorthy said shooting forthcoming Tamil thriller “CSK: Charles Shafique Karthika” — which releases in cinemas on Friday — inside a shopping mall here, was extremely challenging.

“More than half of the story unfolds in a single night, and the story takes place inside a mall. Shooting the mall sequences was extremely challenging because we shot in multiple malls and had to make it look like it was shot in the same place,” Sathiyamoorthy told IANS.

“We had to change malls due to time and other constraints. But somehow, we managed to complete the film without much hassle,” he said.

Starring Sharran, Narayan, Vimal, Mishal and Jai Quehaeni, three stories run parallely in the movie.

“I like the idea of dealing with multiple stories. It isn’t easy to deal with it, but something about it gives me a high. The three stories are linked with three characters,” he said.

“In every individual’s life, there will be an important day that would change their life. This film is mainly based on one such day that changes lives of the three lead characters. Audiences would recall a similar important life changing day from their lives,” he said.

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