Shopkeeper Takes Protesters to Task Video goes Viral

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Shopkeeper Takes Protesters to Task Video goes Viral on Social Media

Kundapur: A shopkeeper from Kundapur took the protesters to task when they forced him to shut down his shop on January 8, Tuesday during the two-day nationwide bandh on January 8th and 9th called by the central trade unions against the alleged repressive policies against workers adopted by the Modi-led BJP government. The video of the incident has gone viral in the social media.

The strike was mainly called to demand the withdrawal of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2017, to protect the transport sector business and also to demand the implementation of the social security act for unorganised labourers.

The two-day nationwide bandh evoked a mixed response across the country. Many places protesters forced businesses to shut down which was also reported in Kundapur Taluk.

In Byndoor near Kundapur when protesters tried to shut down a shop the shopkeeper took them to task saying, “We are always supporting good causes. In Sabarimala, your government has destroyed the 1000-year-old tradition. First, you should protest against the Kerala Government and not against the Modi Government. We do not support communists, he said.

He further said, “You people should first think about the Nation. The BJP government led by Narendra Modi has given various schemes for the people of the country. I am ready to debate on the price rise issue between 2014-2019”.

The video has gone viral on the social media and the shopkeeper is being made a hero by Modi fans.

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