Short Movie ‘Saithan’ and Music CD ‘Javaner’ released

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Short Movie ‘Saithan’ and Music CD ‘Javaner’ released

Mangaluru: The releasing of Tulu short movie Saithan and Javaner Music CD was held at the Ravindra Kalabhavan, University college here on October 16.


The programme began with an invocation. The programme was inaugurated by Ravindra Shetty by lighting the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries on the dais.

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Addressing the gathering Ravindra Shetty said that these students at a young age have taken a bold step to produce and release the short movie Saithan together with the music Album of Javaner. These youth should be encouraged by all of us by buying the Short movie and music CDs. The three youth Githesh Madoor, Rakshan Madoor and Sandesh Neermarga are talented. They have exhibited their talents through Saithan and Javaner. Let success follow them in their future endeavours.

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Principal University college Mangaluru, Uday Kumar speaking on the occasion said, “When Githesh and his friends came to me and shared their idea of releasing a short film, I was not confident with their idea thinking that the quality of their work may not be up to the mark. But all the three students have proved that they can be good actors as well as good directors. We should not limit our students only to books or examinations but should give them opportunities to do something extraordinary.”

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Uday Kumar further said, “If the student fails in academics, he/she can appear for a re-examination but if any of the students fails in their life, they will not get a second chance. The Mangaluru University college is encouraging the students to exhibit their talents and also supporting them. Whatever our three students have done is praiseworthy and they should get recognition for their work.”

The CDs Javaner and Saithan were released by Sunil Nelligudde and Chidananda Adyapadi. The budding talents mesmerized the crowd with their foot tapping dance and melodious songs.

image021saithan-javaner-cdrelease-20161016-021 image022saithan-javaner-cdrelease-20161016-022 image023saithan-javaner-cdrelease-20161016-023 image024saithan-javaner-cdrelease-20161016-024

Githesh Madoor, Rakshan Madoor, Sandesh Neermarga Sub Inspector of Bunder station Madan, Chandrahas Ullal, Narayan BN, Rajesh Kailar, Priyanka Suvarna, VJ Dikshith, Yathish Poojary and others were also present. Ashik and VJ Chaitra compered the programme.

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