Shubhada – A Home Away From Home

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Mangalore, June 18: Nestled in Ferar, north of Mangalore city on the National Highway 13, is a short-stay home for Women in distress. An integral part of the , ‘Shubhada’ is a testimony to the Bethany Sisters’ commitment to community service.

Run ably by the indefatigable spirit of the nuns from Bethany Sisters, Sr. Juliana (Superior in-charge), Sr. Mable, Sr Cocetta, and Sr. Denzilla. Shubhada offers residential facilities to the women who are in distress psycho-socially or otherwise.

Shubhada (Sanskrit for well-being), was originally conceived as a voluntary organization by a socially responsible Mangalorean Women’s group. From its humble beginnings, it grew steadily and is now a Registered Society. In 1997, Shubhada was handed over to Bethany Sisters.

‘Shubhada’ provides legal aid and counseling services to residential as well as non-residential women. Shubhada handles cases as diverse as matrimonial discord, women subject to depression, alcoholism, sexual delinquency, run-away women etc.

‘Shubhada’ has been a home for young women irrespective of caste or creed. Very strongly committed to the development of girls who are at the cross-roads, ‘Shubhada’ strives endlessly to bring about consciousness of self-worth and restoration of human dignity in these children of God. During the process of healing, the caretakers visit the afflicted families to create awareness and explain the need for change among family members.
One noteworthy observation of the Shubhada caretakers is most young girls have problems very similar to that of their mothers and need directional guidance. Shubhada dwells on Christ’s message -“The harvest is plenty” by helping teenagers as friends and guides.

Shubhada conducts regular seminars for young women who need guidance. On January 14 2005, 18 girls from various places were invited for a day’s seminar. In March 2005, a 3 day seminar for a group of 25 girls was conducted.
The seminars are built around an ambience of prayer, with input sessions on stage of growth, emotional changes in the growth process and management etc.
The attendees are welcome to come back whenever they need help. Many of them do correspond with ‘Shubhada’ on a regular basis.
In April 2005 a tailoring course for resident women and the women of neighboring villages was conducted. 30 ladies benefited from the first batch.
Work therapy is a very integral feature of ‘Shubhada’- The modest nursery and farm provides the women with flower cultivation techniques.
At present ‘Shubhada’ takes in an average of 10-15 women per month with yearly numbers varying from 60 – 75. The women are provided with accommodation and food till they are ready to face life heads-on. Since most of the ‘Shubhada’ residents come from the lower income strata, these facilities are provided free of cost.

‘Shubhada’ has a community of Bethany Sisters staying permanently. Rechristened as St. Joseph?s Convent, Shubhada, starting June 2005 there will be 4 sisters’ resident rendering full time services to the women in Shubhada.
‘Shubhada’ expresses its sincere gratitude to the parish priest Fr. Maxim Noronha and people of God at Ferar whose love, acceptance, support and encouragement has been a driving force.

Shubhada’ invites people of goodwill from all over the world to help them in this noble service to humanity.  You may direct your contribution to the following address:

Kinnikambla Post
Mangalore  574 151
Ph: 0824- 2255292




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