Since when Pork has Become Beef? Cops Harass Goan Lady for Carrying Pork Sausages

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Mumbai: Couple days ago, while Sherry Pereira, aged 54, was on her way to Mumbai from Goa by bus to meet her daughter, the Sindhudurg police stopped the bus at Kharepaten check post at 2 am on Sunday, 17 May. They carried out a search and found Goan sausages in Pereira’s bag. Assuming that the sausages were beef, they then started questioning her as to why she was carrying beef, which is banned in Maharashtra. Good news for Pereira is that a day after the incident, the Chief Minister’s Office-Maharashtra has ordered a probe into the incident against the Sindhudurg police who detained Pereira on the Goa-Maharashtra border and grilled for an hour, as they thought she was carrying beef.

Even when Pereira tried to explain the cop that her daughter, who is nine months pregnant, had asked her to get Goan pork sausages as she is quite fond of them the cop started to harass Pereira saying that he is a forest official and that carrying any kind of meat is illegal and he would her for committing the crime. It is also learnt that the cop even told Pereira that he would put her in lock-up and produce her in court the next day. He then asked her to accompany him to a shady room in a desolate area and made her to wait for a long time. He later came back asking what price she would be willing to pay. Shocked to hear this, Pereira pleaded with him and told him that her mother and brother are in the bus. The cop finally agreed to settle the issue if she paid him Rs 2,000.

When Pereira refused to pay, the infuriated cop threatened her once again. He finally told Pereira that Rs 500 would do. Pereira, who was nervous and scared agreed to his demand, got back to the bus and brought the money and paid the cop. Meanwhile, Pereira’s son-in-law Banerjee said, “We received an email from the CM’s office, stating that the issue has been forwarded to the office of Additional Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary, Home department, for further probe. I hope the corrupt cops who have started using beef ban as a way to extort money are brought to the book and innocent people don’t have to suffer.”

The probe was ordered after Pereira’s son-in-law, Andheri resident Ian Banerjee, lodged a complaint. The Range Inspector General of Police has also launched a probe in the issue, which will be headed by the Superintendent of Police. The Inspector General of Police, Konkan Range, Prashant Burde, said, “I have asked SP Sindhudurg to probe the issue and take immediate action in this matter. Those found involved will face action.”

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  1. Do not haraas the common people show your courage on glamour people and politicians

  2. These so-called cops may not be cops at all.

    Many Gulf passengers have experienced the stopping of buses at some of these locations, and cops/custom officers appearing and playing delaying tactics. At this the driver/conductor also put pressure on the hapless passenger to pay the money.

    It appears to me that the drivers/conductors of buses get their share of the bribe from the passengers by the fake cops.

  3. Nothing New, its early notice to all in Modis India, Pork is next after BEEF ban;

    They say VARAHA(PIG) is one of the Avathar of Bhagvan, so BAN it,
    (DASHA AVATHARTAS : Mathsya,Kurma, Varaha,Narasimha,Vamana,Parashurama,Rama,Krishna,Buddha,Kalki)

  4. Corruption word is deleted from the indian dictionery says Fm from new Delhi. Here is another way call any meat as beef and take bribe or harass the common man.. and new way.

  5. In any country when a law is based on religious percepts it is subject to abuse by lawmakers and their upholders as and when they like for their personal benefit.

    For instance, there is a law in Dubai that if you want to drink alcohol even in bars you need to have a permit. People are ignorant and there are plethora of bars where people continue to drink without permit. But, those who want to seek revenge with any person personally can invoke this law and harass his enemy. People do this everywhere and play their cards in order to victimize others. Therefore when a law is made it is essential to determine whether it can be used as a tool to misuse it.

    I always wondered if beef ban comes into force it can be used by some fanatics to settle some old scores or just to harass the other person to maintain supremacy.

    • Dear Anand D’Silva, you observed, “when a law is made, it is essential to determine whether it can be used as a tool to misuse it”.

      Sir, the law is specifically drafted and crafted to be misused!

      The beef tallow and lard were used in 1856-57 by the Hindu kings on the one hand and the Mughals and Nawabs on the other to forge Hindu-Muslim unity and wage “Sipoy Mutiny” to fight against the British. Bahadur Shah Zafar as the “Badshah of Hindistan” by the Hindu rulers involved in the mutiny and Bhagawa Dhwaj was Hoisted in the Red. So, beef was a tool to forge Hindu -Muslim unity then!

      Now, the RSS wants to use the same to divide the Hindus and Muslims to create and to retain the “Hindu Majoritarin vote bank”! When Nehru was the Prime Minister and Gulzarilaal Nanda was the Home Minister of India, a massive rally of “Nanga Sadhus” was staged by the RSS in the streets of Delhi!

      PERSEVERANCE PAYS, THEY SAY. The is RSS doggedly bent on dividing the Hindus and the minority religions to come to power and to perpetuate it.

      • First people should know to identify what is salt and what is sugar.Logic applied is chalk is white milk is white so add chalk powder and mix it with tea. It looks like normal tea.This is Law for voters.

  6. Dear readers,

    When PM Modi can’t understand the meaning between M-R-S Sirisena and Mrs.Sirisena, what can we expect from this shining government?

    When we don’t have decent ‘Forensic lab’ to investigate late Mrs. Taroor wife death or Talwars daughter, how does one will ascertain Varha or Gomatha?

    The majority appeasement law which passed under pretext of agrarian Bovine, is the sole purpose of hitting Muslim minorities economically hard.

    How does GoMath can be fit for exports but banned for domestic use?

    Why does it doesn’t become Matha in BJP ruled Goa and rest of its ruling state?

    Why the ban doesn’t take tall on Hindu Beef exporters but innocents targeted by Go Rakshasks?

    Jai Hind

    Jai Hind

  7. Dear readers,

    After malayalee Kurien ‘White revolution’ another success story of ‘Pink revolution’ which BJP needs to read.

    From ‘Sacred Cow’ to Kobe Beef: Japan’s Bovine Revolution-Daniel Botsman (Department of History, Yale University)

    Why did PM Modi BJP don’t ban beef exports?

    Is Forex is dearer than Gomatha?

    Jai hind

  8. Hindutva political parties want to create an India where minorities are harassed, humiliated and oppressed.

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