Sleek-Enticing Old Beauties at Goa’s Vintage Car and Bike Rally’16

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Sleek-Enticing Old Beauties at Goa’s Vintage Car and Bike Rally’16

Panaji-Goa: October 1, 2016 will now become the most memorable day for Goans and visitors as they got the chance to experience the old yet sexy beauties live at the First Ever “Vintage Car and Bike Rally 2016” organized by Goa Tourism Development Corporation on Saturday, 1 October 2016 at Panaji, the capital of Goa. Car enthusiasts from all over the country actively participated and attended the event that witnessed nearly 100 vintage vehicles and around 35 Vintage Motor-bikes and Scooters. The day began with the flagging off of the rally from Paryatan Bhavan at 10.30 am by Goa’s Honorable Minister for Tourism-Dillip Pavlaker along with other dignitaries, which will now become the hub for this event in the coming years. The mob gathered to celebrate this First ever Vintage Car and Bike Rally and were left enthralled and spellbound when one after the other vintage yet classic vehicles started their glorified journey.

image001goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-001 image002goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-002vintage-car-bike vintage-car-bike1 image003goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-003 image004goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-004

The vintage vehicles that caught the eyeballs of many car aficionados included 1921 Citroen Torpedo Sport owned by Caculo; 1935 Austin Ruby Saloon owned by my friend Pradeep Naik; 1968 Volkswagen Beetle owned by Savio DeMello; 1941 Ford V8 Field Artillery Gun Tractor (Canadian Military Pattern) owned by Arun Quadros ( he also owns 1947 Austin 8, and 197 Plymouth Suburban ; 1956 Oldsmobile Super 88 owned by Roy DeSouza; 1968 Lambretta L1 150 Series III scooter owned by Francis Geraldo, (who is 81 years old- and he won the First place in two-wheelers category); among many others Austins, Chevrolet Impalas, Volkswagen Beetles, Ford Willis, Dodge Trucks, Toyota, Datsun etc

Some other vintage beauties on display were -128 Chevy; 1935 Austin 10; 1937 Morris 8; 1959 Chevy Impala Convertible; 1942 Ford GPW ; 1944 Ford Willis; 1956 Morris Minor; 1956 Studebaker President; 1962 Chevy Impala; 1965 Mercedes Benz; 1959 Opel Rebord Olympia; 1961 Cadillac Fleetwood; 1957 Hindustan Motors Landmaster; 1958 Dodge Truck Power Wagon; 1956 Toyoata FJ 40; 1960 Datsun Saloon; 1947 Austin Eight-AS1; 1964 Standard Herald; and 1964 Austin Cambridge Countryman, among many others. In the bike/scooter section on display were-1968 Lambretta Li 150; 1960 Victoria Vicky; 1952 Lambretta Innocenti 48; 1970 Mopeds India Suvega Super deluxe; 1947 BSA Gold Satr; 196 BMW R 0; 1947 CZ Jawa 125 cc; 1942 Norton 16H; 1974 Honda CB 400 CE; 1963 Vespa Sportique (Ltd Edition); and 1976 Bajaj, among many others.

image005goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-005 image006goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-006 image007goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-007 image008goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-008 image009goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-009

One of the proud owners of these vintage beauties, Jackson who brought with him a collection of Willys Jeep told Team Mangalorean that he liked buying vintage cars in junk conditions and mould them in his own way to give the vehicle a unique and eye-catching appearance. Savio DeMello of Mapusa-Goa owner of 1968 VW Beetle said that he has love for beetles, and he owns other two VW Beetles made in the year 1954 and 1969. 81 years old Francis Geraldo, the owner of Lambretta Li 150 Series III had bought this Scooter in Tanzania (Africa) when he was working there, and he shipped it back tom Goa when he moved back. ” I had lots of fun taking my wife (Valentine Rodrigues) on this scooter- it was kind of romantic to go for a ride on this scooty. It still runs good, with little bit of restoration being done” added Francis.

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Also speaking to Team Mangalorean, Pradeep Naik, (owner of 1935 Austin Ruby Saloon), who also owns Goa’s first Vintage Car Museum (Ashvek Vintage World), when asked how he got into the hobby of collecting vintage cars, he replied saying, “It was on one rosy day in the year 1970 that my uncle drove home in a new Mercedes Benz which he purchased it for Rs 5000. I flinched saying to him that it was a waste of money. Once again when my uncle bought the wooden-bodied Portuguese Carrera, I again yelled at him for wasting money on such cars. But my car-hate ended when I was bewitched by a 1931 black Peugeot 311- I quickly signed a cheque for Rs 3000, paid Rs 8000 as RTO tax, and brought the black beauty home. From that day onwards, I got hooked to vintage cars and I am still in love for vintage cars”.

image010goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-010 image011goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-011 image012goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-012 image013goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-013 image014goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-014

Naik owns every Mercedes model made between 1939 and 2012, and presently he cruises around in his 2012 black Mercedes C Class, and chuckles about that rosy day in the 1970s when he subsisted on the frugal thought that buying expensive cars was a “criminal waste of money”. Smilingly he said, ” These days I walk or drive around always with a cheque book in me, ready to buy any vintage car, however dented, broken, without paint or in a disaster condition. No matter what, If I like it , I will buy it?” The one day Vintage Bike and Car Festival 2016 saw a overwhelming and great response , with Vintage Bike and Car collectors arriving from Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu plan to participate in the 1st edition of Goa Vintage Bike and Car Festival 2016.

The rally which started from Paryatan Bhavan-Patto, made its way along Mary Immaculate Church, Delhi Darbar, DB Marg, Miramar Circle and culminated at Inox Courtyard, where they were displayed from 12 noon to 6 pm. The exhibition also allowed collectors, restorers, enthusiasts to appreciate the beauty of these machines which once ruled the roads. Goa on wheels had also organised a drawing competition for school kids and a photography competition for the enthusiastic shutterbugs to try and capture their best shots and win prizes. Main attraction of the Vintage Bike and Car Rally of the day was the Goa Governor’s Black color Cadillac car kept on display besides the Inox theatre. Vintage bikes attracted the biker fans and passionate people who grabbed their chance to take a look at the vintage scooters and motorcycles from the golden era.

image015goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-015 image016goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-016 image017goa-vintage-bike-car-20161002-017

Apart from viewing the vintage cars on display, the crowd also enjoyed the live music by duo-Hayden and Natasha; and also by Carlos (Talking Drums) and Friends. These Vintage vehicles with their shiny spotless bodies and adorable poise did wow the car and bike lovers. However, these iconic machines will forever live in the hearts of those who got the chance to appreciate their beauty with their nude eyes..

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