‘Sleep sex’ now prevalent in bedrooms: Study

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London, June 28 (IANS) Not just sleepwalking or talking, there are some people who are having “sleep sex” as they hit the sack, a British survey has revealed.

The condition is called “sexomnia” where a person engages in sexual activity during sleep.

According to the study by Guy Meadows of The Sleep School and Bensons for Beds, Britain’s leading bed supplier, one in 10 Britons has sleep sex.

“One of the most interesting aspects was that one in 10 people questioned are experiencing the phenomenon of ‘sexomnia’ during their sleep,” Meadows was quoted as saying in a bustle.com report.

For the study, they looked at the sleeping habits of 13,000 adults across Britain.

The team also found that one in 10 people went to the toilet while they were asleep. One in seven admitted to experiencing sleep paralysis and one in 10 even stopped breathing.

The study revealed that while sleepwalking, 16 percent of people have eaten light snacks.

According to Psychology Today, when women experience sleep sex, they typically exhibit “sexual vocalisations” and masturbation.

Men, on the other hand, would engage in fondling and intercourse.

People who suffer from “sexomnia” also show other kinds of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and sleep deprivation.

One cause of “sexomnia” is a sleep-related epilepsy that can cause a person to experience sexual arousal, pelvic thrusting and orgasms.

Many of us lead hectic and busy lifestyles. It can be hard to really switch off before bed and “as this research reveals, sleep can often be disrupted by restlessness”, Meadows added.

Eating and drinking certain foods and drinks such as alcohol before sleep can act as a stimulant and prevent people from achieving a sound sleep, the researchers concluded.

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