Smuggled Gold Worth Rs 43 Lakhs Seized by MIA Customs Officials in Two Cases

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Smuggled Gold Worth around Rs 43 Lakhs Seized by Mangaluru International Airport IA Customs Officials in Two Separate Cases

Mangaluru: Customs officials at the international airport in the city confiscated 708 grams of gold worth Rs 42.89 lahs from lakhs of passengers who arrived from Dubai, on two separate cases (two different days)

On 31.10.2023 and 02.11.2023, based on suspicious behaviour of two persons travelling from Dubai to Mangaluru by Air India Express flight IX 814, officers of Mangaluru Customs intercepted them and detailed examination and checking of the persons resulted in the detection of gold in paste form concealed in double layered underwear, double layered socks, inside the pant’s loop and one gold chain (24 carats concealed in socks, totally weighing 288 gms (net) valued at Rs. 17,40,660/-.

In the first case, a passenger, two passengers who arrived from Dubai at the airport on October 31 and November 2 respectively were found carrying 288 grams of gold valued at 17.40 lakhs rupees hidden in double-layered underwear inside the loop of their pants and a gold chain concealed in the socks.

In the second case, a resident of Kasargod in Kerala, who arrived on Air India Express flight 814 on November 5 was caught on examination of his trolley bag. He had concealed 24 karat gold weighing 420 grams valued at Rs 25.49 lakhs in powder from seven chocolate packets having the brand name Tiffany Eclairs.

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