South Block Congress Committee Felicitates Mayor Harinath

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Mangaluru: South Block Congress Committee held a felicitation ceremony at the DK congress office here on April 10.

Former MLC Late Octavia Albuquerque was remembered for her social service and her concern towards the poor and the downtrodden. A minute silence was observed for the departed souls of Octavia Albuquerque, Vinayak Baliga, Hilda and journalist Haimad Hussain.

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Mayor Harinath was felicitated on the occasion. Addressing the party workers, vice president of the south block congress Sadashiva M said that Harinath has worked very hard for the party and he deserved the post of Mayor. We want Harinath to work for the development of Mangaluru city. Earlier Mahabala Marla and Jacintha Alfred have worked for the development of the city and we want Harinath to continue their good work.

Mayor Harinath speaking on the occasion said, “After a long time I have been given an opportunity to be the Mayor of MCC. In 1993-94 when Eunice Britto was the first woman Mayor of MCC I was the deputy Mayor and we had worked very hard for the development of Mangaluru city corporation. I thank all the corporators for electing me as the Mayor”.

He further said, “The Congress party has given me an opportunity to be the Mayor. When I was the deputy mayor I have respected all the party members and I will continue the same. When the party workers work hard to strengthen the party, the leaders will surely recognize their service and give them an opportunity. Because of my hard work and dedication towards the party, the party has given me the opportunity to be the Mayor and I thank all the party leaders and my council members for their support during the Mayoral election.”

He also said that we have to bring awareness to the people about the development work done by the Congress party in the state as well as in the district. The party workers have failed to bring awareness among the people about the development work done by the party, instead, we are busy pointing out the mistakes done by the opposition. It is our duty to reach out to the people and tell them about the good work we have done. He also assured to work for the development of the MCC.

South Block President Balakrishna Shetty, Former MLC and KPCC member Mohammed Masood, Secretary AICC P V Mohan, Ramanand Poojary, A C Vinayraj, Prabhakar Shriyan, Lancelot Pinto, Shailaja, Praveenchandra Alva, Ravikala, T K Sudheer and others were also present.

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