SP Laxman Nimbargi’s Transfer! A big Question Mark in Udupi?

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SP Laxman Nimbargi’s Transfer! A big Question Mark in Udupi?

Udupi: Known for its scenic beauty, mesmerizing beaches, knowledge hub and also the implementation of law and order, Udupi district is also well-known for trapped transfers. A recent addition to the trapped transfers is B Laxaman Nimbargi, an upright cop known for his sheer determination in implementing law and order.

Replacing Dr Sanjeev Patil IPS, B Laxman Nimbargi took charge as the District Superintendent of Police on January 1, 2018. Serving a short stint of 14 months like his predecessors, every month he encountered varied challenges. Battling the uncertain challenges in the district, B Laxman Nimbargi is now a victim to well-planned vested sabotage.

Simple in his character, honest in adherence of law, Laxman Nimbargi was adored by his colleagues and celebrated by the public. When the notification of Laxman Nimbargi’s transfer hit the news portals, people expressed their dissent in the form of tears. Scores of people, including police officers and religious leaders, keeping aside their political affiliations knocked the doors of every political leader, but their efforts in staying the transfer order went in vain.

On February 23, the arrival of the new District Superintendent of Police, Nisha James didn’t cheer the faces of the district police. Amid the sober faces of the police personnel, with a cheerful gesture, Laxman Nimbargi handed over the charge to Nisha James. His short stint of 14 months will remain a golden period in the history of the district police.

Laxman Nimbargi was a supporter and then a leader, recall the district police personnel. He credited the success on the cases which were solved to his team. It is so wired that Laxman Nimbargi’s transfer was not in the knowledge of the Home Minister and the top brass which clearly reflects that this transfer was not politically motivated.

When Laxman Nimbargi took charge of Udupi District as SP, he faced various challenges. When a bike was burnt in the communally sensitive area Gangolli, Nimbargi had not even completed 3 days in the district. Following this incident, another bike was burnt where the Chief Minister’s programme was organized in Gangolli. On the verge of burning another bike, the accused was arrested. In this incident, the SP handled the situation in an intelligent manner and solved the problem without giving any chances for clashes.

A group of youth assaulted people allegedly involved in cattle theft near Perdur; a Cattle seller Hussainabba died in the clash. Scores of other cases leading to communal tensions like cattle theft in Mudradi, placing pork meat in Shiroor Mosque, etc. were reported in Udupi. But SP Laxman B Nimbargi successfully managed to keep the communal forces silent with stringent action in communally sensitive cases.

The sand mining protests, toll issues took the people to streets, but Laxman Nimbargi’s effective implementation of law and order didn’t disrupt normal life in the district. NH66 was brought to closure for 3-4 hours by scores of fishermen, but the determination of the district police in maintaining law and order in such chaotic situation needs to be commended.

Suspicion around the death of Shiroor Swamiji Sri Lakshmivara Theertha created problems for many in the district. Keeping the political and the religious forces away, Nimbargi effectively solved the case. The death of Swamiji was later declared a natural death, with suspicions cleared.

On September 10, 2018, Nimbargi was in the spotlight. The Bharath Bandh brought chaos to the district, with the district BJP and Congress members in the streets. In the lathi charge ordered by Nimbargi, BJP and Congress members were hurt. They turned all tables to mount pressure on B Nimbargi but all their efforts went in vain.

The sudden disappearance of the fishing boat, Suvarna Tribhuja, is a unique case. B. Nimbargi formed 6 teams to trace the boat soon after the incident was brought to his notice. The 6 teams explored Uttara Kannada, Goa, Maharastra, Kerala and other fishing hubs. The fishermen, coastal guard, navy and others joined hands with the police, with B Nimbargi serving as a primary point of contact in the case. Acting like a brother, he consoled and pacified the families of the fishermen.

The strong evidence of the boat being capsized in the sea was discovered but the case has still to find its conclusion, for which B Nimbargi expresses dissatisfaction.

In a shocking incident reported in the district, two youth were attacked and brutally killed in Kota. The district had not witnessed such gruesome murder. Protests followed while police failed to nab the accused for 10 days. The police then nabbed 17 accused including a BJP ZP member. Every effort was made by Nimbargi to keep anti-social elements away.

In the case of Hussainabba in Perdoor and twin murder case of Kota, it was suspected that the police personnel themselves were involved in the crime. Alerted by the same, Nimbargi suspended 3 police officials and put them behind bars. Nimbargi calls it a lesson to those cops who take law for granted.

Be it assembly elections, Paryaya, PM Modi’s visit, BJP President Amith Shah’s visit or Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s visit, all the arrangements were successfully managed by Laxman Nimbargi. The two-month long Drug Awareness Campaign brought many people close to Laxman Nimbargi.

The vested interests among the police department, ruining an upright honest officer for leading the department as a model department, has put Udupi district to shame.

Let not B Nimbargi be a victim to the vested interests of any officers, the transfer trap seems to be invisible to the Government.

After all the attempts of stopping the transfer of honest officer Laxman Nimbargi went in vain, on Tuesday, March 6, he will be taking charge as SP wireless, Bengaluru.

Mangalorean.com wishes Laxman Nimbargi all the best in his new posting.

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