Spanish football league confirms pact to sell broadcasting rights

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Castellon (Spain), June 20 (IANS) Javier Tebas, president the Spanish national professional soccer league (LFP), has confirmed after a general meeting that a broadcasting rights agreement was reached with the 38 clubs.

The 39 teams previously had contracts with Mediapro television network. Tebas hoped that an agreement would soon be reached with the remaining four teams, which had their contracts signed with Telefonica network, reports Efe.

He explained that the LFP has “rescued” the 38 teams which had their contracts signed with Mediapro, and once the league reaches an agreement with the remaining four teams, LFP will be able to put all of the teams’ games up for sale, so clubs may see an increase in their capital value.

Tebas also noted that match schedules for the upcoming seasons would be changed. The LFP president also added that there was an idea to hold matches earlier on Sundays, with a single game kept at noon, without changes to matches on Fridays and Mondays.

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