Spiritual Revival Sweeps Mangalore Diocese: Mega Bible Convention Draws Multitudes for Renewal

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Spiritual Revival Sweeps Mangalore Diocese: Mega Bible Convention Draws Multitudes for Renewal

Mangaluru: The Mangalore Diocesan Service Communion (MDSC) and the Bible Commission bore witness to a profound spiritual rejuvenation as throngs of faithful congregated on the third day of the Mega Bible Convention at the Holy Cross Church, Cordel Grounds, Mangalore. Commencing on February 22, 2024, the event continues to attract many attendees seeking spiritual enrichment.

Under the guidance of Rev. Fr Joseph Edattu VC, from the Divine Retreat Centre Kerala, the convention has garnered increasing participation in sessions dedicated to praise and worship, spiritual discourse, deliverance prayers, Mass, and adoration.

Marking the commencement of the Golden Jubilee year of The Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement in the Diocese of Mangalore, the convention is fervently focused on spiritual renewal. The Praise and Worship session, spearheaded by Mrs. Blossom Rego, Secretary of MDSC, set the tone for the third day’s proceedings.

The Eucharistic Mass on the third day was celebrated by Very Rev. Msgr Maxim Noronha, Vicar General of the Diocese of Mangalore, alongside Fr Clifford Fernandes, Fr Joseph Edattu, and other concelebrating priests.

Msgr Maxim, in his insightful sermon, illuminated the essence of the mountain experience depicted in the Gospel. He emphasized the imperative to deny oneself, to make sacrifices, and to ascend the metaphorical mountain of God’s presence. Through these acts, we pave the way for our own transformation, mirroring the radiant glory revealed atop the mount of transfiguration.

“Our theme, ‘In the Footsteps of Jesus,’ resonates deeply with the essence of this biblical convention. It beckons us to follow the path laid out by our Savior, to traverse the rugged terrain of discipleship, and to ascend the mountain of the Lord’s presence. In doing so, we align ourselves with the divine purpose, drawing closer to the sacred mysteries unveiled in the presence of Christ,” Msgr Maxim said.

Further, he said, “Just as Peter, James, and John witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus, we too are called to behold His glory and be transfigured in His likeness. It is through our unwavering commitment, fervent prayer, and steadfast faith that we ascend the mountaintop of spiritual enlightenment.”

The convention also featured an energetic praise and worship segment led by Br Jeremiah, Christopher, and Arun Lobo, accompanied by the MDSC Team and the Cordel Church choir, fostering a spirit of communal devotion.

Rev. Fr Edattu VC delivered an impassioned discourse, complemented by sessions of prayer for deliverance and healing, facilitating a profound spiritual immersion for the attendees. Rev. Fr Basil Vas and Fr Praveen Leo Lasrado were the translators for the preacher.

A special prayer and healing session was held for the youth who are into discernment and looking for a mission in their life.

Report and Pics: Canara Communication Centre

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