Sri Lanka Blasts – Railways Officials on High Alert in Udupi

Sri Lanka Blasts – Railways Officials on High Alert in Udupi

Udupi: Close on the heels of a string of suicide bombings in Sri Lanka, a high alert was sounded in Udupi Railway Station.

On Monday the Bomb squad, canine squad, local police and Railway police force jointly conducted checking in the railway station and trains.

According to Railway officials following intelligence reports that sleeper cells are planning similar acts of terrorism across the country, the Railway Police have stepped up checking in Railway stations as well as the Trains.

The Railway Corporation has increased checks at stations and luggage rooms following the alert. Members of the public have been requested to inform the nearest police station/Railway police station officials if any suspicious person/thing is found in the railway station premises or trains.

The district police have also been put on alert by intensifying beats at crowded places, including bus stands, railway stations, malls and places of tourist attraction. Physical verification of suspects staying in lodgings has also been initiated.

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Richard Thomas

There are many drunkards, who work as porters or coolies in the day, and spend their nights on the Udupi Railway Station, and as well as other Railways stations all over the Indian cities, who tend to own these important Railway stations and junctions, and the authorities of the Railways do nothing to stop them. They will do anything for a quick buck and drink. Merely carrying out a security drill because of the Lankan blasts does not make Railway Stations and trains secure and safe – these must be secured at all times by some responsible and diligent authority,… Read more »