St Aloysius College Pays Homage to Sri George Fernandes

St Aloysius College Pays Homage to Sri George Fernandes

Mangaluru: St Aloysius institution where George Fernandes completed his high school education organized a prayer service along with a condolence meeting today, 29 January 2019.

Prof A.M.Narahari, the Registrar of St Aloysius College while speaking about George Fernandes recalled that he was a proud alumnus of the institution by upholding the highest level of integrity, morality, simplicity and commitment. George Fernandes was instrumental in making the two Presidents, Mr Neelam Sanjiv Reddy in 1980 and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in 2003 visit the college. He was a trade unionist, committed social worker and a model politician.

The 1974 Railway Workers Strike and the fight against emergency under his leadership are the testimony for his concern for the workers and the marginalized. He set a model as a great parliamentarian while winning the election to the Parliament 9 times. He was a link between the right and left thinkers.

He donated his entire valuable library collections of more than 3500 books to St Aloysius College library.

Rev.Fr Praveen Martis SJ, the Principal read the condolence message.


  1. Mangaluru should be proud of its son who contributed to the nation in multiple ways. Being born in Managluru but becoming a popular and strong trade union leader in Bombay of yesteryears –where outsiders, particularly the south Indians were not liked, — is a great achievement. And from there, going to Muzzapur, Bihar and creating a strong supporter base, getting rejected from a far off place which was neither a birthplace nor a place where he developed trade union leadership is not something ordinary mortals can achieve, it requires special capabilities, very special ones! To contest an election sitting in jail with the highest margin in the country, the record of which was not broken speaks of the man that George Fernandes. As a defence minister, he went to Siachen a record 18 times to be with the Soldiers and show them we are with them. He was a true son of Baharthmata. His association with the BJP leaders is very difficult to comprehend. In fact, if my memory serves me right and reasoning is right, he may be one of the reasons for the existence of BJP. After Janasangh was dissolved while forming the Janata party, its erstwhile leaders continued association with RSS. If I remember right, George Fernandes was one of those who objected the Janata leaders continuing to maintain their association with RSS which he called ‘Dual Membership’. The leaders who did not want to disassociate with RSS, formed their own party, BJP. The fact that George Fernandes not only continued the friendship with those leaders, but stitched the alliance of his party (Samata party) with BJP to form the NDA and ultimately becoming its convener, yet retaining all his socialist ideas and ideology. If that is not political ingenuity of highest order, what is!
    And even though he was away from his birthplace he played a very significant role in moving forward the Konkan Railway project which languished for more than a century after conception. I doubt this project would ever have seen light if not for him. Of course, in my opinion, the coastal region is not using this Railway line to its potential and nor did we give respect to Geoge Fernandes to the extent that we should have given. That is what I want to point out. I think it is time that we Mangalureans give him proper recognition – a landmark, a beautiful and useful memorial, airport name, prominent street name, or any other suitable idea. For this, all people should come together irrespective of party, religion, language or any other affiliation as here is a son of Mangalore who became an institution by himself. We are, we should be proud and show that we are proud of him. oh, by the way, this is not for him as that great soul is Resting In Peace. This is for us and our future generations of Mangaluru.

  2. I agree with Siva.
    George needs to be honoured.
    Mangalore Railway station may be named after him for his contribution of Konkan Railway.

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