Star Campaigner of BJP Tara Visits Fish Market at Statebank

Star Campaigner of BJP Tara Visits Fish Market at Statebank

Mangaluru: Star campaigner of BJP, Kannada film actress Tara visited the Fish Market at State Bank and interacted with the Fisherwomen on April 4.
Addressing mediapersons, she said “Today I have come here to campaign for Nalin Kumar Kateel at Mangalore’s fish market. I am pained to see what the state government is doing regarding fishermen and the issues they face. They (fisherwomen) are telling us, “The state government is building a fish market at a different place. We don’t want that, we want it here; no minister in the State Government is listening to us.” The Modi Government has recently split the agriculture department to create an exclusive fisheries department. This is a big advantage for fishermen and women. Fishermen all over India can submit their grievances directly to the department.”

She further went on and added, “People know everything now. Earlier we had to inform them that this is the state elections or national elections. Now, people themselves are coming up to me and saying “Madam, this time we will vote only for Modi.” All 28 Lok Sabha constituencies in Karnataka support Modi.”

When asked why no one is talking about the candidates other than Modi, Tara responded saying, “The Congress also talks about Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and their family. You know which family JDS talks about. When Modi has given us good governance and done good work for the nation, why shouldn’t we talk about Modi. We have every right to talk about him and we are proud of him”.

At the Fishmarket, Tara also listened to the various issues facing the fishmongers. In response to a plea to renovate the old fish market, she said, “This is work that has to be done by the State Government. In this election, when BJP comes to power through Anna (Nalin Kumar Kateel), we will also demand that this fish market is restored in this location itself.”

In December 2018, more than 300 fishmongers had protested outside the DC Office demanding that the dilapidated State Bank fish market be replaced with a newly constructed one.

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Fake propaganda. It’s not acting.


When for developmental reasons the fish market is bring moved, why are these opportunist politicians promising something that will stall the development? Same has happened in Bunder and Central Market, which should have been moved to a dedicated area outside of the city limits so congestion of roads can be cleared of all the heavy vehicles entering the city and the mess of garbage dumping and filth.