‘Star Wars’ spin-off shooting begins in London?

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London, July 4 (IANS) Filming for the first instalment of “Star Wars” anthology series has reportedly begun in Pinewood Studios here.

According to Making Star Wars, Felicity Jones has already filmed her first scene for “Rogue One”, reports aceshowbiz.com.

“Rogue One” included some familiar properties and outfits, which were previously seen in other “Star Wars” movies.

The most noticeable object spotted on the set was Star Destroyer, the capital ship that was first introduced in 1977’s “Star Wars”. Han Solo referred to them as “Imperial cruisers”.

The source also said that there was something that appeared to be Death Star, but it might be just more interiors of the Star Destroyers. One of the scenes was said to involve “a landing in the jungle”.

While the rumour about the production of “Rogue One” has been floating around, another source says that the anthology movie has apparently been shooting for at least three weeks at the studio.

However, there is no official confirmation from the studio as of now.

“Rogue One” will take place between “Episode III” and “Episode IV” when there wasn’t a lot of Jedi activity.

It will follow “a rogue band of resistance fighters (who) unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans”.

Directed by J.J. Abrams, the sci-fi film is slated for a release on December 16, 2016.


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