State Govt Sanction Rs 5 lakh Compensation to Families of Ashraf and Sharath

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State Govt Sanction Rs 5 lakh Compensation to Families of Ashraf and Sharath – U T Khader

Mangaluru: “Some untoward incidents had recently taken place in DK in which Ashraf and Sharath Madival were murdered. As we had assured of providing compensation, the government has sanctioned Rs 5 lakh each to the families of Sharath Madival and Mohammed Ashraf Kalai,” said the minister for Food and Civil Supplies U T Khader in a press meet held at the Circuit House here on December 14.

Addressing the mediapersons U T Khader said, “The compensation amount will be handed over to the families of Sharath Madival and Ashraf Kalai in the coming days by the district minister in-charge. When Sharath Madival and Ashraf Kalai were murdered I had called a press meet and informed that I will discuss with the government to provide compensation to the families of Ashraf Kalai and Sharath Madival and the government has accepted my request and sanctioned Rs 5 lakh each.”

Aam Admi Insurance Scheme

Whatever the NDA government has assured, nothing has been implemented so far. The Aam Admi Insurance scheme was administered by the NDA government through the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), but now the government has stopped that scheme. The scheme provides Death and Disability cover to persons between the age group of 18 yrs to 59 yrs, under 48 identified vocational/occupational groups /rural landless households. It is a group insurance scheme implemented through a Nodal Agency such as a Central Ministry/ Department; State Government /Union Territory or other institutionalized arrangements/ registered NGO. The Aam Admi Insurance scheme provides insurance cover for a sum of Rs 30,000/- on natural death, Rs. 75,000/- on death due to the accident, Rs. 37,500/- for partial permanent disability (loss of one eye or one limb) due to accident and Rs. 75,000/- for total permanent disability (loss of two eyes or two limbs or loss of one eye and one limb) due to the accident. The Scheme also provides an add-on-benefit, wherein Scholarship of Rs 100 per month per child is paid on a half-yearly basis to a maximum of two children per member, studying in 9th to 12th Standard. The annual premium under the scheme is Rs 200 per beneficiary and 50% is contributed from the from the Social Security Fund created by the Central Government and maintained by LIC. The balance 50% of the premium is contributed by the Individual. Now due to the cancellation of the Aam Admi Insurance scheme, many people are facing problems.”

Ration Card

We have received 15 lakh applications in the first phase and we have already printed and dispatched 11.1 lakh ration cards. We have rejected 1 lakh applications during the verification process. Rest of the applications will be verified and printed soon.

Point of Sale

Around 75% of the shop owners have adopted the point of sale system. For ration shops that have adopted the POS system, we have increased their commission to Rs 17, earlier they used to get Rs 70 per quintal but now they are getting Rs 87. In places where there is no internet connectivity, the system has not been adopted and the shop owners say that they cannot afford the price Rs 10,000 to install internet connectivity. In this regard, we have decided to provide broadband connectivity to the fair price shop owners. The amount will be deducted from their commission on an installment basis.”

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