Stay Order may Delay Balmatta – Bendur Rd Work

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Stay Order may Delay Balmatta – Bendur Rd Work

With two Residents (names withheld for privacy) living on Balmatta to Bendur Road (Horticulture-Balmatta Circle) having put a stay order that they would not give away a portion of their property towards the road construction, chances are that there could be a delay in completing the Balmatta-Bendur Road work in time.

Mangaluru: In Mangaluru lately we have been seeing new roads being constructed-the road widening was proposed as a solution to the traffic congestion in this growing city with lots of traffic and commuters. India’s education hub, Mangaluru has an abundance of charms but its roads and traffic are not among them. The roads are narrow and the network woefully scanty, despite the fast-paced growth and exploding vehicle population in this city. Traffic is chaotic, footpaths are non-existent or broken, drains overflow and many streets have an overhanging mass of tangled phone and power lines. The roads are so wretched that helpless residents can only make light of the misery by creating pothole-counting face-offs and crater-measuring contests.

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Okay, now when the roads are constructed but many are incomplete for the fact some residents or business owners have put a stay order, that their property shouldn’t be destroyed for the road work. One such road which was recently completed is the one leading from Bendur (from Vas Bakery) going towards Mallikatta. This newly built road is broader at one end and becomes thinner at the other end-the “Incredible Shrinking Road?”. At the beginning of the road near Vas Bakery/Wedding Bells shop it measures around 23 feet in width, and when you reach near Mallikatte Neuro Centre it shrinks down to 11.5 feet in width-how could this happen? The reason behind it is that a resident/business owner had put a stay order that their property shouldn’t be touched while constructing this road. And as of today, the road still remains narrow/shrunk in front of this residence/business.

Now once again we have yet another problem while the new Balmatta-Bendur Road is being constructed, with two residents living on this stretch of road have put a stay order that portion of their property adjacent to the road should not be demolished/used for the new road. Speaking to, managing partner -Mohammed Munaz aka “Munna” of Munna Constructions which is undertaking this road construction said, ” Although we have two stay orders by two residents living on this stretch of road urging us not to touch their property while constructing the road, but we will not hold our work back. We will still build the road around their property by not damaging their property. It may look odd, but we have no other option when residents raise objection only after we have started the work. Just the like the one of Bendur-Mallikatta Road which was also undertaken by us. Earlier SCS Hospital management was also planning on putting a stay order, but later withdraw their decision and were kind enough to allow part of their property to be used for the new road. With good weather and proper supply of construction materials, we can complete this new road in three months or so”

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Carl Correa, the Managing partner of Craves Bakes and Desserts speaking to said, ” We welcome the action taken by the MCC/PWD in constructing this new road, which was quite narrow for all the heavy traffic that ply on this road stretch . Although we may be losing a few customers during the construction, but our customers still keep patronizing us. We were happy that the one side of the road adjacent to our shop would be done in couple of months, but since we had heard the news that there is a stay order put in by two residents staying on this road, we are little bit worried. Hope everything goes on well without any further delays-MCC and PWD should have chalked and planned everything well in advance before taking up the work. Nothing much we can do, other than keep our fingers crossed and hoping that the work will be completed soon “.

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Presently one side of the road work is in progress and will be completed within few weeks-most time is taken for curing. MESCOM crew have been shifting electric poles from their original spots to the sides. In conclusion, through a deadly combination of a lack of expertise, bad planning, as well as rampant corruption. MCC should lay some standards that will set the paradigm for future road works. MCC authorities should inspect and supervise when the road work is going on. If not, it will be business as usual. Roads will continue to be laid and relaid while money will leak out and line the pockets of corrupt politicians and officials. As promised by “Munna”, let’s also keep our hopes that this new Balmatta-Bendur Road, which is a busy road used by motorists and commuters, will be completed by August end or so.

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  1. these issues should be sorted out before starting the work and not after half the work is completed.footpaths and drains should be constructed first…. citizens on the road have to be taken into confidence…..

  2. Like they say you can’t straighten a dogs tail even if you stick it inside a tube–similarly its hard to straighten up the MCC officials and their acts/works.

    Every work that MCC does is sheer waste of Taxpayers money. Just like the Bendore-Mallikaatte road work, I bet even this Bendore/Horticulture-Balmatta rd work will be be like it. Too sad that the businesses on this road have to suffer for quite a long time.



  4. The same happened in balmatta – bendur road there it was sister here it is sister in law ?
    Wanna check ?

  5. I didn’t know that there were so many Indians living in Ugaanda!!!! What’s the name of this town?

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