Stella Maris Church Kalmady Organizes Colourful ‘Hore Kanike’ Procession

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Stella Maris Church Kalmady Organizes Colourful ‘Hore Kanike’ Procession

Pics By Praveen, Sany Digital

Udupi: In preparation of the Annual Feast of Our Lady of Vailankani Shrine Kalmady, the parishioners organized a colourful ‘Hore Kanike’ procession on Thursday, August 13 from Adi-Udupi junction to Stella Maris Church.

image001hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image002hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image003hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image004hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image005hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image006hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813

In his introductory remarks, parish priest of the church Fr Alban D’Souza explained the importance of ‘Hore Kanike’ and made an appeal to all the devotees of Our Lady of Vailankani to participate in the annual feast mass at 10.30 am and the ’Annasantarpane’ on Monday, August 15.

image007hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image008hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image009hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image010hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image011hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image012hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813

The procession started with a prayer and progressed with the beat of the drums by the Kalmady band and melodious music by ‘Sound of Music’, a band from Malpe.

As the procession reached the premises of the church, Fr Alban D’Souza formally received the ‘Hore Kanike’ from the people and blessed the offerings, which were later placed at the Shrine of Stella Maris.

image013hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image014hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image015hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image016hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image017hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image018hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813

The novena mass was held after the procession. The Eucharistic mass was concelebrated by Fr Joseph Martis Rector of St Joseph Seminary Jeppu, Mangaluru.

Meenakshi Madhava Bannaje, president of Udupi City Municipal Council, was felicitated on the occasion.

image019hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image020hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image021hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image022hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image023hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813 image024hore-kanike-procession-kalmadi-20180813

Parish Pastoral Council vice president Flavia, Secretary Sanjay Andrade and others were present.

The Annual Feast of Our Lady of Vailankani will be celebrated on Monday, August 15 at 10.30 am with Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi diocese, as the chief celebrant. The mass will be followed by the ‘Annasantarpane’ to all the visitors to the shrine.

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