Stitching up New Lives! Yenepoya through ‘Parivarthan’ donates Sewing Machines to Transgenders

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Stitching up New Lives! Yenepoya through ‘Parivarthan’ donates Sewing Machines to Transgenders

Mangaluru: Yes, if women can learn the art of sewing and earn a living by sewing , why not the transgenders?.-they too can sew! The power of sewing is in making the women self-reliant as they are able to ensure jobs with dignity and fair pay. The attachment of women to the sewing machine is understandable. It gives them the confidence to rebuild and take control of their lives. But for decades in the case of Transgenders they had been neglected and no one cared to offer them a job. Observing all the inconveniences, hassles, problems and discrimination faced by the Transgenders in the society, Violet Pereira-Proprietor of acting as a Good Samaritan,along with couple of social workers joined together and thought of doing something good to the Transgenders.

Having pity on the Transgenders the way they live in the community, Violet even had written an article on Transgenders and felt the need to transform their lives by bringing them to the mainstream. She discussed her desire of working for the transgenders with other social workers and decided to start a Charitable Trust. A meeting was scheduled with the Transgenders to discuss their problems, where they openly expressed their desire to “Change “(Parivarthan). Thus the idea of forming a Charitable Trust named “Parivarthan” was conceived, where the Trust is doing everything to transform the lives of Transgenders.

Parivarthan had played an important role in getting Aadhar Cards for the Transgenders, and recently was able to get free land sanctioned through the government for many of the Transgenders. A bevy of Transgenders were given training in sewing classes, where they had fun learning so many aspects about cuts and stitches, embroidery and designs. Having gained immense knowledge in sewing work, two of the transgenders, Srinidhi and Chandrakala were gifted two sewing machines donated by Yenepoya group, during a programme held at Trust Office, Milagres Mansion, Mangaluru on 24 June 2017. Both Srinidhi and Chandrakala were overwhelmed to receive this kind donation which would help them bring a change in their lives.

All these transgenders ably demonstrate that hard life needs opportunity and not charity. When down and out, the fear of every transgender is the apathy and the inability to take charge of their own lives. This perhaps is the most unrecognizable problem as they are the most affected by dis-empowerment. From doing nothing for many years, both these transgenders feel that they were blessed by God and that Parivarthan came to their rescue in shaping their lives, and now that they can learn how to sew, thereby very soon make a living out of it. Soon the power of sewing will make them self-reliant as they will able to ensure jobs with dignity and fair pay or do tailoring work from home.

Welcoming the gathering during the programme, Violet Pereira- Founder and Managing Trustee of Parivarthan Charitable Trust Violet Pereira said, ‘First I would like to thank the Chairman and Chancellor of Yenepoya University Y Abdulla Kunhi, for providing three sewing machines to Parivarthan Charitable Trust. The main aim of the Parivarthan Charitable Trust is to bring all the transgenders to the main stream and lead a normal life. We had admitted ten transgenders to the Tailoring classes but due to some reasons, only seven came for the classes on the first day. But later others too lost interest and couple of them are now completing the course. When the government is providing facilities the transgenders should avail these offers and facilities. Now we are waiting for the next batch to start and others who have interest in tailoring and beautician courses should join. Those who have received the sewing machines should make good use of it.’

Trustee of Parivarthan Charitable Trust Asha Nayak speaking on the occasion said, “We all consider you transgenders just like us human beings, with no difference. In the eyes of God we are equal, and therefore we should treat every human being irrespective of their nature, equally. But sadly, there are few problems faced by the transgender people here which include: they are shunned by family and society alike; They have restricted access to education, health services and public spaces; etc- but very soon all these will go away and you too will be treated equally with all the benefits and facilities. Parivarthan Trust is there to help you. But your cooperation and commitment is also a must to take this Trust to greater heights and remain running successfully”.

Also expressing her thoughts to Team Mangalorean, Trustee of Parivarthan Charitable Trust Asha Nayak said, “This Trust will surely bring the Transgenders to the mainstream, where they too can be part of the society. Like how the Transgenders have been given all the rights in many Western countries, let us not discriminate the Transgenders here, instead respect and treat them just like rest of the human beings. It was very important to change that demotivating perception and bring positive role models of the community. The Trust will try to educate on various gender identities under the Transgender umbrella-it will be an important source as the first line of action to fight discrimination and increase acceptance within families for Transgenders.”

After receiving the sewing machine President of Parivarthan Charitable Trust Srinidhi said, ‘I came to Mangaluru eight years ago but we did not get any facilities from the government nor anyone supported us. Even people starred at us in a different way. After Parivarthan Charitable Trust started we have been recognized and respected. Under the leadership of Violet Pereira, we have undergone medical check-up, she has also helped us to get admission to tailoring courses at KPT. Now while we are in our final stages of completing our tailoring courses, she has provided us sewing machines donated by our well-wishers. Today the Sewing machines were handed over to us. We are very happy and we pray Parivarthan Charitable Trust to continue the good work towards the most vulnerable community.’

Trust Secretary Sanjana speaking on the occasion said, ‘Before we had our Parivarthan Charitable Trust, people were running away from us. But now we are enjoying all the facilities. Through the Trust we have undergone medical check-up, Adhaar Card registration done at the Parivarthan Charitable Trust office with the support of the DC Dr Jagadeesha. Some of our members are now receiving pension from the government. Earlier people were hesitant to rent us their homes, but now being a member of this Trust they are ready to oblige us without any hassles or problems. Violet also took the initiative and approached the Deputy Commissioner to provide us land for housing, which is under process. We would like to thank Parivarthan Charitable Trust which is a ray of hope for us all, transgenders.’

Trust members Dr Ashajyothi Rai, Jeonne Sequeira, social worker from Roshni Nilaya Geetha and others were also present.

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  1. As I’ve said before, people and events like this give me hope for better future. Keep it up!

    • As I’ve said before, people and events like this give me hope for better future. Keep it up! – Mr. Truth Seeker

      Were you that hopeless before?

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