‘Stree’ has changed a lot for me: Flora Saini

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‘Stree’ has changed a lot for me: Flora Saini

New Delhi: Actress Flora Saini played the title role in “Stree” — one of the biggest hits of 2018. She says the horror-comedy has definitely given a push to her career and that people don’t doubt her acting ability now.

“‘Stree’ has definitely changed a lot for me in terms of my career. A lot of people have seen ‘Stree’ so, it feels nice to be a part of a very successful film. People don’t doubt your acting ability. They know that you can pull off anything even if it requires you to not look good,” Flora told IANS in an email interview.

The line “O Stree kal aana” from the film has become so popular that even casting directors joke about it.

“Casting directors now jokingly say that ‘Stree please come for an audition tomorrow’. So project-wise, ‘Stree’ has helped me a lot…even in my personal growth. As being a part of a successful film, gives you immense confidence which ‘Stree’ has given me in leaps and bounds,” she said.

Flora, also seen in ALTBalaji’s web series “Gandii Baat Season 2”, is now looking forward to the release of her next film “Fraud Saiyaan”.

“It is a comedy. One of my favourite genres. It is based on a true story and I think this is the best way to give a message to the audience,” she said.

“Good films should be entertaining and have some kind of a message in them. I think ‘Fraud Saiyaan’ gives a message and entertains at the same time,” she added.

Talking about her role in the , she shared: “I play one of Arshad Warsi’s wives. He is a conman. He is a ‘Fraud Saiyaan’.”

“Playing such a character was a lot of fun. All his wives had to find different shades and characters. We all had to stand out and look different from each other and yes, that was the real challenge.”

Working with Arshad was a treat for Flora.

“Arshad is a live wire on the sets. Amazing actor to work with and also very witty in real life too. I have learnt so much from him,” she said.

“Arshad is an encyclopedia of movies. He can tell you the name, scene, actors, dialogues of any film any time,” she added.

The film is releasing on January 18 next year.

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