I am Stronger than Python – 11-year-old Vaishak vs Python

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I am Stronger than Python – 11-year-old Vaishak vs Python

Mangaluru: “I am stronger and mightier than the python! When the python was trying to swallow my right hand after coiling around my legs, I found a stone nearby, quickly picked it up and hit the python in the eye. Unable to bear the pain, the python released my hand”, said 11-year-old Vaishak who was attacked by a python on October 4, at Sajipa.

Speaking to mangalorean.com Vaishak narrated his ordeal in details, “On October 4, at around 6:30 pm, while I was on my way to my grandmother’s house, a python dropped on my head from no where and tried to coil around my body. When I dropped on the ground, the python coiled around my legs and bit me. While I was trying to free my leg, the python bit my hand and was trying to swallow it. Suffering from severe pain, I tried to free myself from the python, and that moment I noticed a stone nearby, picked it with my other hand and hit the python in the eye. Immediately the python released me”.

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He also said, “After a while when my sister Akshitha arrived, I told her to stay away from the spot since there was a python. She thought I was joking, but later when I went to my neighbour’s house and narrated the incident the incident, my sister realized that I was telling the truth and quickly took me to the hospital”. When asked how he find out that it was a python, Vaishak said, “I have seen the python in my neighbourhood twice.” When asked Why did he hit the python in the eye? Vaishak replied saying, “If I hit the eyes, the python will not be able to see, so I thought it was the best way to release its grip on me. And my idea did work “.

Addressing the media persons, Pediatrician and Prof. Dr Shreedhar Avabratha of Fr Muller Hospital said, “On October 4, Vaishak came to the hospital with two wounds of snake bite and he was stable and conscious. Pythons are non-poisonous but since Vaishak had two wounds we took extra care of him. To prevent infection we have given him a TT injection and have dressed the wounds. This boy is brave and has a strong will power. Within 4 days he will be completely cured and will be discharged.

Director Fr Muller Hospital Fr Richard Coelho said, “Every month we receive 40 to 50 cases of snake bites. We have very good treatment facilities for snake bite. Vaishak is a brave boy and we are glad that he is recovering.”

Dr Uday Kumar, Chief Nursing Officer Sr Janet, Vaishak’s mother Harinakshi Suresh, Chairman of Adarsh English Medium School Rasheed and S Abbas Correspondent of Adarsh English Medium School were also present.

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7 years ago

Really a brave boy.