Students Council 2109-20 Inauguration & Mullerplus Mag Release at Fr Muller Medical College

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Students Council 2109-20 Inauguration & Mullerplus Mag Release at Fr Muller Medical College

Mangaluru: Quoting M D Arnold-“A Good Leader Leads The People From Above Them. A Great Leader Leads The People From Within Them”- Serving as a President of Students’ Council in a college is a privilege and honor bestowed upon you by fellow college mates. When you are selected, your buddies have recognized your leadership skills and potential to manage the Council effectively. Your tenure will offer many opportunities to learn new skills, enhance the experience of others and grow as a leader. By taking advantage of the many opportunities to learn and grow, your term can have personal and professional development benefits that will last a lifetime. All of the members of your Student Council are part of your team, and it is the President’s responsibility to guide members toward reaching the Council goals.

Having goals and making plans to achieve them are two key steps to being successful. Every Council members has his/her important role to fill, and by working together, your Council will be able to meet its full potential and serve a vital role in your College, may be even, community. To accommodate these facts, there is a great deal of latitude in how you choose to manage your Council as long as you follow the basic Council rules/standards. In today’s rapidly changing world, individuals must blend their family demands, work commitments and volunteer work. While the responsibilities of an individual association president/chairman may be demanding, he/she is able to share challenges, ideas and perspectives with fellow members.

Like they say that Change in leadership is always good and better, and it was time for change in the Students’ Council of Father Muller Medical College, Mangaluru which took place on 14 September 2019 at the Decennial Hall at 3.30 pm. The programme began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song rendered by the MBBS 2017 batch students. The welcome address was delivered by Dr Cimona D’souza-Staff adviser magazine committee, followed by the inauguration of the programme by lighting the traditional lamp by chief guest- Miss Vidya Dinker- Social Activist, and President of Indian Social Action Forum, along with other dignitaries on the dais namely- Fr Rudolph Ravi D’sa-Administrator-FMMCH, Fr Ajith Menezes- Administrator, FMMC; Dr J P Alva- Dean, FMMC; Dr Cimona D’souza; Dr Padmaja Udayakumar- Vice Dean, FMMC, and students council members of 2018-19.

Muller Pulse, the magazine of FMMC which showcases the talents of poets, artists, and storytellers hidden beneath the many hardworking white coats of FMMC, with the title name ‘CREATE’ was released on the occasion by the chief guest. This bundle of 206 pages was the final product of all the work and dedication put in every single day behind the curtains- and it reflected the friendship forged and memories made in a n attempt to make this year’s magazine a special remembrance of all that was 2018-19-kudos to mag editor Ms Sanjana Mathew for a excellent job in creating a Masterpiece!

In her inaugural address, Vidya Dinker said, “The Muller Plus magazine under the editorship of Sanjana Mathew is indeed a creation of CREATE which speaks about the talents of creativity and excellence- and also to Dr Cimona D’souza for her important role behind CREATE mag. Talking about doctors, we need those who make us comfortable, whoa re affordable and who make us feel they are trustworthy. I once was interested in taking up dentistry as career, because a dentist makes more money by just looking into a person’s teeth. We need doctors with a good smile, good attitude and good friendly nature”

“Now talking about leadership while the members of Students’ Council is all set to lead through 2019-20- Everybody defines leadership differently but I really like the way John C Maxwell defines leadership, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Irrespective of how you define a leader, he or she can prove to be a difference maker between success and failure. A good leader has a futuristic vision and knows how to turn his ideas into real-world success stories. A good leaders should have Honesty and Integrity, Inspire Others, have Commitment and Passion, a Good Communicator, Decision-Making Capabilities, Accountability, Delegation and Empowerment, Creativity and Innovation, among other qualities. I wish the students council members all success in their endeavours and decision making strategy”.

Dr J P Alva the dean of FMMC now administered the oath to the new students’council members, who all repeated after him, followed by the institutional Anthem. The new council members were presented with their respective badges by the chief guest- the council members of 2019-20 are- Abhishek D Kuriakose -President; Ashrith Kurunji- Gen Secretary; Kevin Menezes- Sec of student development committee; George Gomes Bosco- Sports Sec; Karthik S Murthy- Magazine editor; Ms Sheon Philip- Sec of media committee; Ms Mayuri G B hat- Cultural Sec; Ms Shifal Sudhir- Sec of fine arts committee; and Monish Kumar G- Sec of technical committee.

The outgoing students’council members of 2018-19 were felicitated for their great work during their tenure- the team members were- Ms Roshan Mariam Manu- President; Ms Asmin D’souza- VP; Ms Eileen Roy- Gen Sec; Ms Jeswita Dias-Jt Sec; Ms Shreya Sierra Honarius-Sec of Student development committee; Joel J D’souza- Sports Sec; Ms Sanjana Mathew- Mag editor; Advath Pai- Sec of media committee; Ms Merriyam Pearl S- cultural Sec; Ms Lolita Lobo- Sec of fine arts committee; and Ms Aneeshma Saju- Sec of technical committee. Also the staff adviser committee members were felicitated. Outgoing president and incoming president of the students council shared their thoughts on the occasion.

In his presidential address, Fr Rudolph D’sa said, “Kudos to Ms Sanjana Mathew for her hard work in bringing out a magnificent magazine, and due to toiling enormously she has become the “Slim Beauty” of the campus. We have added many new facilities as per the request of students council members, and will add more in future too. Also four new clubs have started. Sincerity, commitment, dedication and sacrifice should be the qualities of council members, and I know you all have them. Don’t compare yourselves to others, be your own and be happy with your talents. Do what you can to make a difference. A good leader takes the lead. A good leader has personality, courage, clear vision with ambition to succeed. A good leader encourages the team to perform to their optimum all the time and drives organisational success- so be that way and be a good leader”.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Eileen Roy, and the programme was compered by Ms Priyal Shaji and Ms Jovita D’silva- students of II MBBS. In conclusion, the energy, the faith, the devotion, the commitment which you bring to this endeavour will light your institution and all who serve it… and the glow from that light can truly light this nation. Best of luck from Team Mangalorean to the Students Council 2019-20 of FMMC. I end this column with a inspiring prayer to all the Students’ Council members through God’s blessings to become great Magis {Latin word for ‘More’ and ‘Greater’} driven leaders :

“God of Love and Life, You have called these young students together as Servants to do your Will, Grant them the light of Your Spirit, to Guide them in their responsibilities as a Student Council representative. May they work together in harmony for the common good. May they listen to one another in a spirit of genuine respect. May they encourage and reverence one another’s unique talents. May they use the gifts of the Spirit in creative love driven leadership. May they approach the decision making through discernment and prayer. May they respond effectively to the needs of the student body in their care. May Your blessings radiate from us to others in anew spirit of service. We make these prayers in God’s name, the Light of the World. May God bless us all”



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