Students donning degree robes sell pakodas near Modi’s rally venue

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Students donning degree robes sell pakodas near Modi’s rally venue

Bengaluru: A group of college students, donning degree robes and selling ‘pakodas’ to passers-by in a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks over job creation, were today whisked away by the police, hours before the PM’s rally here.

The students appeared near the Mehkri Circle, a few metres away from Palace Ground where Modi is scheduled to address the rally, in protest against his recent remarks linking pakoda (snack) selling and job creation.

On being asked about inadequate job creation in the last four years in a recent interview to a news channel, the prime minister had said that a person selling pakodas outside their (channel’s) television studio and earning Rs 200 a day should also be perceived as ’employed’.

The young students sold ‘Modi Pakodas’, ‘Amit Shah Pakoda’ and ‘Dr Yeddy Pakodas’, a reference to Karnataka BJP chief Yeddyurappa, to those passing by, including the BJP workers and visitors on their way to the rally.

The police later removed the degree robes of the protesting students and took them into custody.

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  1. I am shocked at the pettiness of the so called graduates donning convocation robes and selling pakodas to show that they are unemployed.
    Why do not these protesters join the miliary or para military forces or the police or the home guards???
    Surely as graduates they will qualify if there are examinations or interviews?
    Or will it be found that they are not able to fit the bill?

    I would suggest that conscription is one method of putting our youngsters on a path of a career as well as discipline.
    a thought indeed.

    • Your suggestion is exactly like the million job creation on PM Modi. After spending huge amount for education anticipating a job based on that education, suggesting to them go to the army or start selling peanuts is a big paradox. You must advise the PM to double the number of the army-navy and air force, and absorb the High school graduates straight to those areas to alleviate the unemployment.

  2. Finally, the fake rhetoric of PM Modi in millions of job creation is turning like a big hoax. How many millions of college graduates, engineering graduates etc without job? If there is a peon job opening with a High School certificate as the requirement, PhDs will be applying.

    PM Modi had no idea, how the jobs can be created. He thought that jobs will come down from heaven as he is speaking. Also he was under a false notion that his rhetoric will attract FDI by the trillions to create jobs in India through establishing thousands of factories. FDI will not land in a nation like India with religious friction-broken law and order-red tape etc. Finally, let the graduates start selling peanuts and pakovada.

  3. Why do we get only North Indian Pakodas? We like local Pokadas such as Ram Pakoda, Sid Pakoda, Pakoda Zafar. I am proud of our graduates. Started working for Rs 200. They got great future as a Chef, or restaurant owner or a politician.

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