Students Simply Got Smart! Sahyadrians Create the Xenon SmartPlug

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Team Mangalorean

Mangaluru: For the first time in the history of Sahyadri Engineering College, students have created a market-ready product named Xenon SmartPlug; an app enabled smart home automation device. Students namely Prithviraj Shetty, Fenil Mehta, Rohan Shetty and Lenson Saldanha have been working on this product for over a year now and have overcome several difficulties such as timely labour and mass manufacturing the product. Xenon SmartPlug is marketed through their very own start-up Axndx Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


The Xenon SmartPlug is a Bluetooth powered smart device used to wirelessly control electronic appliances. The Xenon SmartPlug has automated switching of devices after they have finished their task through the use of scheduled switching, hence even if the user forgets or isn’t present to manually switch off the device, it is done so by the SmartPlug. It even has an additional feature for controlling smartphone charging where the user can set the levels where the plug can start and stop charging the phone connected to the plug. You can check out more about the Xenon SmartPlug on website: or get in touch with them at

For more about SmartPlug… contact Fenil Mehta +91 77958 24505

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