Studied in Same Classroom, Appearing in Same Exam are D’souza Triplets of St Aloysius PUC

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Studied in Same Classroom, Appearing in Same Exam! Prasad D’Souza, Prawan D’Souza and Miss Prajwitha D’Souza, are the Triplets of St Aloysius PUC, who are appearing for the II PUC Exams together, having studied in the same classroom together

Mangaluru: They were born together, brought up together, studied and played together. Now they are also going to attend their II PUC exam together. Strange but true! The triplets born to Godwin Peter D’Souza, a building contractor and Ms Shanthi D’Souza, a house-wife, on 23 February 2001, where Prasad was born at 8:05 am, Prawan at 8:08 am, and Prajwitha at 8:15 am, have been bundles of joy for their parents when they were born, and now grown as teenagers have been giving more joy to their parents by excelling in their academics and sports activities. All three are students of St Aloysius Pre-University College, Mangaluru having studied together in the same classroom, and now appearing for the II PUC exams together at Madhusudan Kushe College in Attavar, Mangaluru.

Even though after joining St Aloysius PUC, the triplets were in the same classroom during their I and II year PUC classes, but their initial school days were at two different schools, while the boys did their high school at Milagres High school, Prajwitha studied at Gerosa High school. After High School, Prajwitha who wanted to join St Agnes College, Mangaluru but changed her mind, since she wanted to be with her brothers- so all three of them joined St Aloysius PUC, and they are happy to say that they made the right choice in joining the reputed Jesuit institution, where they have got the best education and other facilities, which the all three are very grateful to their College Principal, Faculty and staff.

Due to non-availability of seats of their choice of subjects at St Aloysius PUC, the triplets landed up in taking the combination of Computer Science, Economics, Business and Accounts as subjects. And the funny part is that while Prajwitha sits on the last row with other girls, both the boys also sit on the last row with other boys, during classes- and they have been doing extremely good in their studies. Having finished appearing for the II PUC exam subjects in Computer Science, Economics, Business and accounts, they are still to appear for Hindi and English subjects in the coming days, when the exams end on 18 March.

All three said that they have done well in the subjects they already appeared, and are confident that they will do good in the last two papers. When asked what after PUC, the triplets replied that they would continue B Com either at St Aloysius College (Autonomous) or at SDM College of Business Management, depending on getting seats of their choice of subjects. Speaking about St Aloysius PUC, the triplets had high praise for their Principal Fr Melwin Mendonca SJ, the faculty and staff who have been very caring and supportive during their two-year tenure in the College. The triplets are very grateful to their principal for giving them the best concession in fees, one could ever think of.

As triplets all three have their own hobbies and interests, while the boys are into watching movies and games, playing video games and engage themselves in power-lifting practices, Prajwitha likes dancing, music, creating crafts, watching vines, and engage herself in throw-ball sports. Prasad and Prawan after taking up their interest in powerlifting, following in the footsteps of their classmate Rakshith Bolar, who is a national and International powerlifting champ having won gold and silver medals recently, both the D’Souza boys had also won gold in 83 kg (Prawan) and silver in 93 kg ( Prasad) at the state level Powerlifting championship held in Bantwal in January 2019. Prajwitha has also won laurels during her school days in throw ball, and in College, she was selected to represent the district level throw-ball tournament.

Triplets First Communion photo

As boys are always naughty in their teenage hood, both Prasad and Prawan like to have friendly fights all the time, and their twin sister Prajwitha happens to be the referee for the fight match between them. These two boys also like to tussle with their elder brother, Joseph Prashwin D’Souza, who is doing his IV year Mechanical Engineering at St Joseph’s Engineering College, Vamanjoor, Mangaluru. So it seems like a Fight Club at their home in Padil, and when the friendly fight gets out of control, that’s when the mother and sister interfere to calm them down?

When asked who is smarter among them in academics, Prajwitha quickly answered that it was she who scores more than her brothers- and I could see the blush on the boys faces. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, parents Godwin and Shanthi said, “We are happy to have our four children who have been very disciplined, respectful and obedient. We have done all we could do for their studies, and we look forward that they reach greater heights in their future career and endeavours. We feel extremely proud to be their parents”.

Now that the triplets have to spend couple more sleepless nights, burning the midnight oil to appear for their last two subjects, Team Mangalorean wishes Prasad, Prawan and Prajwitha all success in their exams and good luck in their future academic career and endeavours.

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