Subrahmanya: Crocodile Found Dead near Bathing Ghat in Kumaradhara River

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Subrahmanya: Crocodiles have made occasional appearances in the Kumaradhara river or banks or adjacent lands in Subrahmanya during the past two or three years.


The carcass of a huge crocodile was found at the river’s turn near the ghat on Wednesday. Those who spotted it informed the forest officials.

A team of officials led by Shivashankar arrived. With the help of locals, the carcass was dragged to the opposite bank of the river. An autopsy was done by a veterinarian from Kadaba and the remains were interred by the side of the river.

It is suspected to be one of the same crocodiles which had shown up now and then on the river bank in the past. Wildlife enthusiast Bhuvanesh Kaikamba opined that pollution in water caused by dynamite blast for fishing or injuries during sand extraction might have led to its death.

Crocs and shocks:

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