Subrahmanya: Pics of Smoking, Drinking on Social Media – Two College Girls Debarred

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Subrahmanya: Photographs of two girls indulging in smoking and drinking on an outing have been making rounds in the social media for some days. As they resembled two students of the Subrahmanyeshwara college here, the matter came to the notice of the management.

The principal and managing committee summoned the two girls and they are said to have admitted to their indiscretion. They were debarred from the college as a disciplinary measure.

In fact the pictures appeared to have been clicked a few years ago. When they had gone with their friends to Madikeri on an outing, they had been clicked.

The parents of the girls too confirmed that they had gone on a trip to Madikeri with others but they were not aware of any undesirable activity on the part of their daughters.

The girls were sent to their homes with parents after the inquiry. In the meantime, the local ABVP unit has urged the police to hold an inquiry of their own.

It has remained a mystery as to where the pictures were lying all this time and how they suddenly surfaced after years. A foul play is not ruled out.

(Pic for graphic effect only)

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Anil D.G.
8 years ago

How does it become the college management’s problem if someone is indulging in activities outside the college premises? How?? To warn the sudents or to take strict action would have been the ideal solution.. Debar them?? Crazy management.

B. Dinesh
8 years ago

This is clearly a case of violation of the constitutional rights of the students? Why is someone not questioning the college authorities? So long as the students have not been a menace on school property or have come intoxicated to the college, it should not matter to the college what the students did out side of the college. Are they arresting the male students for being involved in any activities that they are ‘immoral’?

8 years ago

This is not a case of constitutional rights. College students sign a code of conduct when they are admitted to university. They represent the school to which they are admitted and are expected to show the college in the best light.