Supply Drinking Water to People ASAP – Minister UT Khader

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Mangaluru: State Minister for Health and Family Welfare, U T Khader held a meeting to discuss the issues related to the scarcity of water in various Grams at the Taluk Panchayat conference hall here, on March 9.

Representatives of all Gram Panchayats (GP) voiced their concerns in regard to the shortage of drinking water in their Grams. Khader took into account the number of existing borewells in the area and also sought information on where there was a need to drill new ones. “The problem of water scarcity begins in March and such meetings should be held during January. But due to elections, we could not hold such meetings,” Khader said.

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Members of the Task Force (TF), set up by MCC were also present at the meeting. Khader said, “If a borewell is drilled by the TF, then there is no need to seek permission from the KEB to connect a transformer. Further if there is a situation where the need of requesting permission arises, then you can ask KEB for a temporary connection, which will be given soon.”

He directed the members of GP to find out the situation of drinking water in their area and form an action plan. “The primary aim is to supply drinking water to people as soon as possible. So don’t wait for permission, instead take initiative and drill borewells, you will be reimbursed later. TF needs to identify the areas where there is actual scarcity of water and if need arises, supply water using water tankers,” he added.

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