Suspension of Article 370 by Amit Shah a Historic Decision – Sanjeev Matandoor

Suspension of Article 370 by HM Amit Shah a Historic Decision – Sanjeev Matandoor

Mangaluru: “There is good rain in Mangaluru and we hope to have a good crop too. On August 5, our National leaders along with the Home Minister took a firm decision. In his first tenure as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had taken a historic decision with the Demonetization. During the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Modi had said that if the BJP government comes to power Article 370 will be suspended. During Independence in 1947, Maharaja Hari Singh was ruling Jammu and Kashmir. The then Congress government led by Jawaharlal Nehru gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir is part of India and there should be one law. On August 5, prime minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah took a historic decision and announced the suspension of Article 370. The District BJP congratulates Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for their decision”, said the MLA and the District BJP president Sanjeev Matandoor in a press meet held at Hotel Ocean Pearl here on August 6.

Addressing the mediapersons Sanjeev Matandoor said, “In Karnataka, there is good rain and it is a sign of prosperity. Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa had taken the oath wearing the green shawl. For the welfare of the farmers, Narendra Modi has implemented Kissan Samman scheme through which Rs 6000 will be credited to their account. When our MLAs had requested to waive the fishermen’s loans, Yeddyurappa has waived it. The CM has also cancelled the Tipu Jayanti. Tipu was a Tyrant and an anti-Hindu. In Karnataka, Muslims say that they did not ask Siddaramaiah to celebrate Tipu Jayanti but for the vote bank, Siddaramaiah started celebrating Tipu Jayanti in Karnataka. When the Tipu Jayanti was celebrated, there was communal violence and many lost their lives. Now after cancelling the Tipu Jayanti celebrations, there will be peace.”

Sanjeev Matandoor further said, “BJP is the largest and the number one party in the world. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP got 32 crore votes becoming the largest party in the world. Our aim is to have 20 crore members for which the membership drive has already begun. This time during the membership drive in Mangaluru our target is to have 2 lakh membership from every constituency. 75,000 members have already joined BJP. The BJP is a party of the Dalits, illiterates, villagers etc. We have also started the miss call drive in all the 1861 booths which will continue for 6 years. From the Booth-level to the state-level we will appoint representatives and we urge the people to support us.”

Sanjeev also said, “Our ISRO scientists have done tremendous work during the Chandrayana and I would like to congratulate them. We the MLAs of DK and Udupi will work hard to solve all the problems especially the sand problems as soon as the cabinet is formed. Due to Cattle trafficking and slaughtering, there were incidents of communal violence. We request the district administration and the police department to take strict action against the cattle traffickers. Many of our innocent people are facing trial because they tried to stop cattle trafficking when the police failed to stop it, we request the CM to look into the matter and help to release the innocent people languishing in jail.”

MLA Vedavyas Kamath, MLA Dr Bharat Shetty, Kishore Rai, Capt Brijesh Chowta, Sanjay Prabhu and others were also present.

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