Swachh M’luru, What? ‘Natural’ Ice Cream Clients Spoil ‘Natural’ Beauty of City

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Swachh M’luru, What? ‘Natural’ Ice Cream Clients Spoil ‘Natural’ Beauty of City

Mangaluru: Each day or night they come in high-end cars like Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, BMW, also top branded Indian cars to buy their favorite natural flavors of Ice Cream at ‘Natural Ice Cream’ parlour located near Kadri Pumpwell, on Kadri Road near to Bharath Beedies Pvt Ltd- and in spite of these folks being well educated, and many of them being stinking stink- but one thing for sure is that they haven’t learnt to keep the surroundings clean by not littering. While the volunteers of Ramakrishna Mission involve themselves in cleaning the City every Sunday, but on the other hand we have the best cream of the society littering the area with ice cream cups, fast food wrappers/carry bags etc etc- how can we look forward for a Swachh Mangaluru, when even the educated and the rich don’t cooperate in keep the city clean.

Every night when I take my dogs for a walk, since I live very close to this ice cream shack, I have witnessed the customers predominately teenagers and adults, who after enjoying their delicious ice creams throw away the empty cups wherever they feel like- and the surrounding area is filled with thrash of empty ice cream cups every night-until the next day morning when the poor MCC lady had to do all the cleaning work. Attention all you educated people- ” Your mama doesn’t work for MCC to clean up your mess?”. Because we Indians like to blame the MCC or the govt for everything even for simple etiquette’s like not throwing garbage around. Littering by the poor and underprivileged is understandable to some extent, but here in the so called great country of ours, even the rich and educated public do not hesitate to dump garbage in public spaces.

One night I noticed a pretty rude girl in front of this ice cream parlour throwing empty ice cream cups right out of the window of her rich parents Audi car. When I lost my temper I told her not to throw stuff outside and even suggested her to collect it in a plastic bag and throw it later. She said, “let it be. What is your problem?” I so wanted to punch her. This is the attitude we face from these rich people’s kids. They all say” chalta hai”. I think we need strict laws like other countries. Heck with democracy, when the govt makes laws like these in India, these retards say that we live in a democratic country and the government cannot “interfere” in our lives. We can do whatever we like.

In October 2014, the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, decided to go on the offensive. A few months after winning the general elections, Modi launched a massive campaign called Swachh Bharat (‘Clean India’) and proclaimed that citizens of the country should work together to change India in five years’ time, and to clean the streets and squares of its cities completely. The campaign aims to accomplish the vision of ‘Clean India’ by 2 October 2019, when India will celebrate the 150th birthday of the leader of the Indian national liberation movement, Mahatma Gandhi. The method proposed by the Prime Minister is somewhat similar to the strategy of social media marketing: “If every Indian spends just 100 hours a year cleaning the streets, they will celebrate Gandhi’s birthday in a clean country,” had stated Modi.

But while there are many organizations like Ramakrishna Mission trying their best to bring awareness about ‘Swachh Bharath- Swachh Mangaluru’, but sadly we have also the educated and rich who ignorantly try to go against the Swachh Bharath Abhiyan, by littering as they like. Here I can’t simply say and blame that the Natural Ice Cream customers are at their fault for littering because ONLY if the Ice Cream had placed a couple of garbage bins on the adjacent footpath we would not have seen ice cream cups scattered all over the place. I only wish this report will be an eye-opener for ‘Natural Ice Cream Parlour to arrange a few garbage bins, and also to its customers not to litter in the absence of garbage- take your mess home and dispose of it there? Thank You.

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  1. Very good point Alfie and team Mangalorean. You are reall take trouble to highlight our civic responsibilities and sense. Thanks. Hopefully these outlets will at least think of putting a garbage bin for their cartons.

  2. Mr. Dsouza,The fearless citizen journalist ,good responsible reporting.

  3. Seeing this report I too feel guilty because me and my kids are the patrons of Natural Ice Cream twice or three times a week – and sorry to tell you that we too have done the same thing throwing empty ice cream cups on the street. We accept our fault- now onwards we will see that we throw the empty cups once we reach home- and I hope other customers do the same. It would be nice if Natural Ice Cream places a few garbage bins like Dsouza has mentioned. Great article to bring awareness.

    • Admiting the mistake is a big forgiveness by itself. Appreciate you admit your mistake and is getting it corrected. Hats off to you Doctor. Not many are there as like you.

  4. I have a query.. When We pay for swatch bharath cess why not shop keeper or govt take responsibility of cleaning it.

  5. Seller provide dustbin where he sell’s.. its not responsibility of seller… People who eat they should take responsibility towards city.. as far as I have seen they have kept dustbin.
    Then that is the case PAN stall people take tour of city everyday. where people spit all over city.

  6. Always eat ice cream in cone. This way everything is edible. Carry a waterproof bag(not garbage cover) to collect thrash in car. Dispose responsibly once home. Shops to keep colour coded bins for segregating garbage(2bin1bag.in) and educate clients to use it effectively. Single use plastic including all disposables, ban to be strictly enforced as it is state policy. Disposables are hazardous for health avoid them. Awake arise and be responsible. Its your city after all!

  7. Dear Smart city citizens, there are two dustbins inside naturals here. Even my four year old knows where to dump. If people are insensitive, any amount of dustbins will not help.

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