‘Swizzilla’- a combo of Swiss Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla! Grab one at Ideal’s

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‘Swizzilla’- a combo of Swiss Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla! Grab one at Ideal’s

Mangaluru: Godzilla, Gorilla, Priscilla, Bobadilla, Petronilla, Quintanilla, Anguilla, Masamilla etc – if all these rhyme with ‘illa’, now you have “Swizzilla”- a newly created ice cream exclusively available in 100 ml containers at outlets which sell Ideal Ice Cream products. I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ideal ice cream. Rah! Rah! Rah! Mondays, Tuesdays, and all the way through Sunday we all scream for sundaes. Sis-boom-bah! Boola-boola, sarsaparoolla. If you’ve got chocolate, we’ll take vanilla. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Rah! Rah! Rah! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Rah! Rah! Rah! Parfait, Banana Split and from Gadbad to Chocolate Dad, Ideal’s has it all. Sis-boom-bah! Oh, Senorita, oh, Dilkush, Silky Tiramisu-they are my favourites, and not to forget the Falooda. And confidentially, oh, no baloney. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Rah! Rah! Rah!

And the man behind this new ice cream creation is none other than Managing Director of Ideal’s- Mukund Kamath, who is not just a serious-minded business entrepreneur but also a man with smiles and full of life. He’s a businessman by profession, but hardly has something in him akin to a businessman, yet he is successful, perhaps that’s owing to his heart full of compassion. He is smart, handsome and also shy at the same time. He is a genius in his own sense and is thus incomparable to any. Mukund is more than an accomplished person, and his ambitions and futurist endeavours are clearly visible. Since the very day, Ideal made its way into the market, not a single national player has been able to penetrate in the market. And even if penetrated, not many have succeeded to reach to that standard of Ideal’s. Ideal’s legacy rules Kudla!

Managing Director of Ideal’s – Mukund Kamath, the Creator of ‘Swizzilla’!

Ideal’s which has won many Best of class Ice Cream awards in the past, Connoisseurs of Ice Cream now have an additional reason to visit Mangaluru– to taste the best Ice Creams in India. Truly, Ideal Ice Cream has made Mangaluru proud. With the addition of “Bella Candy” and “Panak Candy”, the creations of Mukund Kamath, now he has added yet another unique ice cream flavour named “Swizzilla”, which is a combination of Swiss Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla. When winners team-up, the Champion emerges.The best of the best is what you get when two winners join hands combining the “Best in Class Award Chocolate Ice Cream-2016 (Swiss Chocolate) and “Best of Class Award Vanilla Ice Cream -2013 (creamy Vanilla) as one- to be named as “Swizzilla”!.This mouth-watering combo creation will leave you mesmerised.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Mukund Kamath said, ” The philosophy at Ideal Ice Cream is simple-We treat ice-cream like food. We select the purest and finest ingredients and then set out to create what has become one of the best ice creams money can buy. For consistent results, we are careful to see that everything is done in the correct way at every stage of manufacturing and it is the reason why the Ideal brand of ice cream today enjoys an iconic status when people talk about ice cream not just in Mangaluru but all over the world. My intention is to give ice cream lovers of Mangaluru who very much like our products something new every now and then. When I decided to launch ‘Bella Candy’ and ‘Panak Candy” I was bit sceptical as to whether these products would click, but to my surprise, both were a hit with good sales. I am hoping my new creation ‘Swizzilla’ too will be a successful one. Thank you all for liking our Ice Creams”.

Okay, now that summer is getting closer, and already with the melting heat of February, there is nothing better than “screaming” for a cooling treat on a hot scorching day. I have a real “soft” spot for ice cream, and I love trying out the different ice cream flavours at any of the four Ideal’s Ice Cream shacks in town. Although I haven’t tried all the flavours, Ideal’s Ice cream is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters!

To this day, Ideal Ice Cream remains committed to developing exceptional new super premium Ice Cream experiences, releasing new flavours every year. It is learnt that Ideal ice cream is the first largest ice cream parlour in India where 1000 people can be accommodated at a time. Ideal ice cream is producing over 30,000 plus litres ice cream per day out of which 50% of it is Vanilla ice cream. And with energetic and smart MD of Ideal’s Mukund Kamath at the helm, Ice Cream lovers can expect much more mouth-watering new flavours in the nearest future. Mukund was reluctant to tell what’s his next creation would be, but he promised that I would be the first one to be informed. “Ideal” Ice Cream” indeed a “Ideal Ice Cream” for a “Ideal Person”! – no doubt about it!

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  1. The Ideal ice cream product packaging/branding needs a little bit of an overhaul, expensive endeavour but justified nonetheless. The current pastel colour/type facing combination does not do justice to the quality of their product.

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