Sydney: ‘Prabha saw attacker approach her, begged for mercy’

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Sydney (PTI): The Indian woman IT professional, who was stabbed to death in a Sydney suburb, is believed to have seen her attacker approach and begged for mercy in her final moments, even as the police were investigating if the assault was related to the sex attacks here last year.

Prabha Arun Kumar, 41, was stabbed to death in Parramatta Park in Westmead while she was on the phone with her husband in India on Saturday.

Her husband Arun Kumar was yesterday interviewed by police over the content of that conversation.

Prabha’s flatmate in Australia has spoken to Arunsince his arrival in the country, and told a local TV station what was said during the phone call.

“She saw he was approaching her and then he passed her and then suddenly she shouted ‘don’t hurt me, I’ll do whatever you want’, and then she said in her native tongue that ‘he stabbed me, he stabbed me’,” she said.

“And then (her husband) could not hear anything.”

According to police, Prabha died after being slashed across the throat with a sharp-edged object.

The friend, on the condition of anonymity, also urged the public to inform police for any clues.

Police have launched a probe and were also investigating if a series of sex attacks in western Sydney last year could be linked to Prabha’s death, reports said.

Homicide Squad chief Detective Superintendent Michael Willing was qouted as saying that the police were talking to Arun about his final phone call to his wife to piece together her movements.

He also confirmed other incidents in the area in recent months were being examined.
“I believe that over the preceding years there have been a number of incidents there (at the park),” Willing said.

“We would consider that as part of the investigation, and indeed you would expect us to look at anything that has occurred in that geographical area in the days and months leading up to this matter, and we will certainly do that,” he said.

“What we’re hoping to do is jog the memory of anyone who was in the area on Saturday night and we encourage them to come forward and speak to police,” he added.

Police has released CCTV images of Kumar leaving Parramatta Station just before her death.

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