Talents Galore at 9th Annual Day of Mount Carmel Central School

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Talents Galore at 9th Annual Day of Mount Carmel Central School

Mangaluru: Mount Carmel Central School celebrated their 9th Annual Day on two consecutive days, December 1 and 2, 2016. Louis Pinto, President of Mannd Sobann was the Chief Guest for classes I-IV and Fr. Swebert D’Silva, Principal of St. Aloysius College, autonomous was the Chief Guest for the classes V-XII. They were led by the luminaries- Secretary of A.C.E. Society, Sr. Ida Barboza A.C; Administrator, Sr. Carissima A.C; Principal, Sr. Melissa A.C; PTA Vice President, Ananthesh Prabhu and PTA Joint Secretary Mrs. Roshni Pinto.

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The event took off with a prayer song followed by a welcome dance. Principal, Sr. Melissa, welcomed the August gathering. The first session of the evening began with a rainbow of cultural programmes. The main theme for the Annual Day on both the days varied from International Year of Pulses to the Indian Army in the form of a musical drama ‘Service before Self’. Apart from this, a tableau was dedicated to St. Mother Teresa of Kolkatta, portraying her life and mission.

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The audience was pulled up into the world of music with the soul-stirring Orchestra. A short report of the academic year 2016-17 was presented highlighting the programmes conducted, events celebrated and achievements accomplished by the school and the students. An amusing one-act play – ‘The First Dictionary Seller’ and ‘Growing Junk Food Feasting’ left the audience captive. A dance foregrounding the increasing need to save nature was heart touching as the focal point of discussion connecting issues related to environmental degradation and the increasing need to abate it, the major concern of the UNESCO.

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The senior secondary students exhibited their immense love for all the mothers through contemporary dance form. The students also shadowed the Seven Wonders of the World.

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The meritorious students and achievers were awarded with certificates and prizes. The First day’s emcees were Raghuram, Daniel, Ronal, Anvila, Ptathyusha and Crysyl and the Second Day were Roshna Narayan, Rohit Pinto, Sampras and Frizzelle D’Souza. All in all, both the evenings were a feast to the eyes of the audience and a quantum leap of values with which everyone left the auditorium with a satisfying smile.

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