Tasmania is closing its borders with Australia

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Tasmania is closing its borders with Australia

As the COVID-19 outbreak becomes more and more widespread, covering almost all the countries in the world the authorities are expected to take the necessary precautions to prevent the disease from spreading and spiralling out of control. While the number of infected people has surpassed 300,000, some countries are still in the very beginning stages of the outbreak.

As advised by the countries who are currently at the peak stage of the outbreak, countries who have so far managed to keep things somewhat controlled, need to take strict measures before the necessity to do so arises.

Tasmania setting an example

It looks like Tasmania is taking the advice of the world health organization and all the other CDCs and is closing its borders with Australia. Recently the Prime Minister announced that he would be taking the toughest measures across the country to prevent the crisis similar to China and Italy. The restriction will be a big nuisance for tourists and fans of Aussie pokies, as Tasmania is actually home to the first Australian casino called Wrest Point. The casino is located in Hobart and dates back to 1973. This is definitely one of the most important pillars of the Australian gaming industry and the casino itself has a lot of history and meaning behind it.

This is a 17-story hotel tower, with a revolving restaurant on top and is recognized as one of the nation’s landmarks. The casino got so popular that it soon overtook the hotel that it was supposed to be a part of and has been a big part of the local gambling scene ever since.

Amidst the outbreak Wrest Point and many other entertainment centers and casinos will be closing down, losing customers and heading into the hazy future. We don’t know how long this lockdown will last or how long it will take for social gatherings to be accepted as a norm again.

This is why so many people are distressed about the situation and why the effort to tackle the virus as fast as possible is so evident in all countries.

Australia is facing its own crisis, having recently announced that the borders of the country will be closing down and no one will be able to enter the country without being a citizen of Australia.

When it comes to Tasmania, according to the prime minister all non-essential travel is banned, meaning that only the medical professionals and the workers who keep trade running. Other than that all travelers returning to Tasmania must go into self-isolation and breaking it would cost them either AU$16,800 or six months in jail.

Strict measures to prevent the crisis

These are definitely strict measures but at this point, the tough approach is the only viable option for countries wanting to avoid the crash of the healthcare system and wanting to slow down the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible.

The closure of its borders and creating strict regulations around breaking self-isolation is definitely an approach that some countries should’ve taken a while ago and Tasmania is hoping to avoid the outbreak inside the island through these measures.

While many businesses like Wrest Point will suffer from these times, there are many measures that could help soften the blow on the economy. Governments and citizens around the world are trying to help out local businesses and giving them alternative ways to work while social gatherings are prohibited.

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