Taurus Love Compatibilities

Taurus Love Compatibilities

Taurus – Taurus
Marriage is rare, even with different Taurus partners. Such spouses do not immediately understand their identity, and their relationship is developing slowly. But they hold on to each other because of the fear of change, because of their attachment to comfort, home, and children. Both are not inferior to each other, even if they understand the futility of obstinacy.


Taurus – Gemini
A complex and ambiguous but very common union. Taurus is attracted to their partner for their social talents and a huge amount of information that they have. Gemini, on the other hand, seeks loyalty in Taurus, they want stability and the ability to run a house, which they lack. Gemini wouldn’t want their Taurus partner to be dating a single mom or father on the side; thus, the most difficult problem in such an alliance is jealousy.

Taurus – Cancer
This is commonly a very harmonious union. Despite the mysticism of Cancer, they work great together. Both in love and the most basic daily things. Both are good parents. Even if they cheat on each other, this only strengthens their union since both begin to understand that there is nothing better than their home, where everyone will forgive you, where they care and understand each other. Taurus tries not to let Cancer far away from them for a long time, understanding the variability of their nature.

Taurus – Leo
This is the union of love and passion. The regal splendor of Leo attracts Taurus, but they are afraid to get lost in this splendor. Leo constantly needs worshipping, adoration, and admiration; they are looking for adventure, and Taurus prefers a calm affection, a balanced lifestyle.

Taurus – Virgo
A frequent and happy union. Both are rational, sober, and practical realists. If Taurus is stubborn, Virgo makes any concessions in order to keep peace in the house. Virgo admires the harmony of Taurus. Virgo learns the taste for life, the joy of being from Taurus. Taurus is happy with the constancy, thrift, and patience of the Virgo. A mutual desire for earthly pleasures is what unites them.

Taurus – Libra
At first glance, they should be drawn to each other by the proximity of interests since Venus controls both signs. But how different they are… The initial mutual attraction and disposition are replaced by misunderstanding and growing irritation with each other. Taurus infuriates the superficiality of Libra, their mannerisms, and pretentiousness. Mutual accusations then accumulate. Together, they can only be held by specific factors like working together.

Taurus – Scorpio
Marriage between the two is rare. They have beautiful sexual compatibility, mutual outbreaks of passion and attraction, then satiety. Taurus attracts the faithful Scorpio, but their mutual magnetism is similar to the deadly game of love – the last night before death. They drive each other to extremes, then break up, but soon they are again drawn to each other. And so on, until they are completely exhausted and end their relations. More often, these are lovers rather than spouses.

Taurus – Sagittarius
This union is rarely successful. The policy of the dictatorship of Sagittarius causes Taurus to protest and reject them. In intimate relationships, they suit each other, but their union is not perfect. Even children do not strengthen this union, but it can persist as a marriage of convenience.

Taurus – Capricorn
This is the most favorable of the unions that combines mutual interests and great sexual compatibility. The leading role is played by Capricorn, who watches after Taurus and teaches them everything from how to put things in a closet and ending with life principles, sometimes bringing Taurus to anger. Feeling that Capricorn had gone too far gives Taurus the illusion of freedom, then Capricorn begins to control a relationship again. Taurus is characterized by inertness, and they internally admire Capricorn’s strength and willpower, trying to follow their example.

Taurus – Aquarius
Their marriage is completely incompatible. Aquarius is attracted to Taurus by their loyalty and homeliness. Although Aquarius prefers freedom, they need a home in their life. For Taurus, the freedom of Aquarius is unbearable. In marriage, conflicts and fights are unavoidable. Such a union is very rarely successful.

Taurus – Pisces
From the outside, this couple gives the impression of being safe, but in fact, the sensitive Pisces is hurt by the rudeness of Taurus. Pisces is not able to satisfy Taurus’s tireless sexuality, and they do not understand the ups and downs of their feelings – from complete coldness to the relaxedness and playfulness that causes Taurus’s outburst of jealousy. This marriage will last for a long time only if Taurus is ready to compromise. In this case, they can have a harmonious relationship.