Taylor Swift – The Diva

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Taylor Swift – The Diva

Hollywood is known as the dream hub the world over. Movie maniacs rejoice on the release of any new movies every week. But, apart from the movies, the world is hooked onto the music numbers of singers from the bid apple. We get to hear right from the Britney spears to the Cher to Madonna and the Selena Gomes likes.

There is no dearth f talent in the west the music divas are always surrounded with controversies. The list is long like a serpent’s tail. The likes of Jenifer Lopez and the notorious Miley Cyrus…. the ques are ever-lengthening…

But, the audience the world over is hooked! No wonder, not only the music churned out by these enchanters, but the life they lead, the controversies surrounding them, the drug abuse, the long arm of the law which catches the…like in the case of Elton John, George Michael etc. interests the music lovers the world over!

The artiste is always struggling to manage their fame and are entangled in the tentacles of name, fame and money. We are on to the new sensation on the block, a sexy siren with a golden voice who is into singing country songs and enchanted the fans, who is as embroiled in controversies as her colleagues…. it’s none other than Taylor Swift. The music sensation……!

Taylor Alison swift as she is known by her full name is an American singer-songwriter. She has a unique quality. She narrates songs about her own personal life. The masses the world over have gone gaga over her performances. The media is crazy about her.

She grew in Pennsylvania, and at the age of 14 years travelled to Nashville, stayed there to pursue a career in country music. Today as just 29 years old she has tasted fame and is the owner of a cool $360 million. She is into movie and TV shows as well. “The Giver”, Journey to fearless, cats etc. are credited to this talented diva.

The country singer who transformed into a pop star has had a really successful career, embroiled into many court battles and never-ending feuds. She was accused of being a copycat. Some say she is a feminist to the core and crazy to the heels in cracking business deals. The wild side of Taylor Swift is well known in LA as well as the whole of America and the world!!

Career graph:

She was very career-minded. She managed to sign a label with the popular Big machine records. She was the youngest artiste who happened to be signed by the Sony ATV music publishing house. She came out with an excellent debut album. The hot country charts were abuzz with compliments, as she was the youngest singer who became famous with only her third single “Our Song”. It catapulted her into a young artiste who can perform a number one song on the hot country songs chart. Swift, be now was very confident. She tried relentlessly and successfully launched her second album “Fearless”. It had two popular singles “Love story” and “You belong with me”. These were chartbusters. The album won four Grammy awards. She the youngest album of the year winner award.

Swift was now rearing to go. In 2010, she launched her new album” speak Now”. The popular single in the album” Mean” won two Grammy Awards. US music lovers witnessed it to become a chartbuster! Swift, did no wait, went ahead and released her fourth album. It was called “Red”.” We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “I knew You Were Trouble” went on to become chartbusters. She became a great Diva. A force to reckon with! She became famous for being the first woman to get the coveted award of Album of the year twice. She also received there Grammy awards.

Swift went ahead and topped the UK and US charts continuously. Her sixth album in the year 2017 named “Reputation” became a sensation. The lead single “Look What You Made Me do”, topped the charts. She sold her four albums more than a million copies, just within seven days in the US! Her two singles from the album “Lover”, named “Me” and “You Need to Calm Down “became great chartbusters.

Swift, by now was very popular by winning 10 Grammy Awards, 1 Emmy Award, 23 Billboard Music Awards. Not only that, but she also won six Guinness World Records. Forbes magazine featured in their Celebrity 100 Listing! She also got the coveted listing among 100 most powerful women in the world by the same magazine.

Her Affairs: Taylor Swift is known as a man-eater in Hollywood. Surprisingly, most of her ex-lovers have made their presence felt in her albums. He “Forever and Always” was inspired by Singer Joe Jonas. Also, actor Jake Gyllenhal is the person on whom the “red” album was based.” We are never getting back together” is the number. She had a brief affair with Harry Styles.” I Knew You Were Trouble” the popular single was released after breaking up with him.

It’s a known fact bout Taylor Swift, that she uses her real-life incidents in her songs. The break up with Joe Jonas was highlighted in her Album. She went to town about Hi affair with actress Camilla Belle. Jonas denied this accusation. The popular number goes like this…” Better Than Revenge”! Swift accused Camille of sleeping with her ex-lover Jonas.

The Eternal Feminist: Swift has always rubbed the journalists and the press the wrong way. She always discussed feminism and in an issue of 2012 with The Daily Beast…She said, “I was brought up in life by parents who always made me think that if you work very hard like the boys, you can outsmart them and go a long way in life”. Thus, she always put females above males or fought for equality. Swift had very strong views on feminism and her interactions with other female celebrities in the industry is a standing example of this. She one went ahead and quoted in Vanity fair magazine that” It was very surprising, that her “Bad Blood” video won video of the year at the MTV Video Music Awards. She blamed women not helping other women, which was termed as ill-fated.

In that video, she shouted from the roofs about her dislike of a female artiste who she disliked. So much for her feminism claims. She was exposed as a crazy woman who has a double standard! A crazy woman who never does what she says!!

Swift has a habit of shouting over the rooftop about something she finds strange, then immediately negating it and like a politician gives a different account about her previous statements. She has been coy about the inspiration behind her songs and then as an about-turn, she alleges about her muses and then they retaliate and fire back!

John Mayer, the musician has often told rolling stone that he was humiliated and found the track very undeserving. He dais abut swift that her song is very cheap songwriting!

Swift has responded issuing statements to Glamour saying that Mayer is very presumptuous about her track’s inspiration and yelled at him of being derogatory to her. Swift always manipulates any facts about her breakups, be it Mayer or Jonas! Their reputations were blown to smithereens by her, they both claim. There was a case of 27 seconds of the phone call and the subsequent breakup and Swift went to town alleging that Jonas is the culprit.

Swift has an uncanny habit of making faces when an adversary wins the awards, despite her winning most of them in a row! She looked through Adele and gave an embarrassing reaction to her during the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. She was very delighted, as Daft Punk had beaten Her for the Album of the Year awards at Grammys!

The surprising factor is she never had a legal boyfriend! Her innumerous affairs were only being used to further her career. It’s really dramatic for a person to become mad. She has received a great amount of public adulation and this attitude of hers is unbecoming of her.

Swift has always engaged in slut-shaming and she got her mileage at the media and fan’s expense. In July 2012, Taylor Swift was all but 22 years old and engaged in a love affair with Conor Kennedy who was just 18 years of age. They were spotted by the media getting close on July 31, 2012. She was asked if she was 1head over heels in love with Kennedy, she retaliated saying one cannot kidnap a grown-up man…. She further stated that She respects the emotion love and always falls head over heels in it!

The wedding gate crasher habit:

Swift was thrown out of the wedding of her then-lover, Kennedy’s cousin, Kyle Kennedy. Her beau Liam Kerr was witness to it. Kyle and her mother Victoria Gilford Kennedy did not like the singer attending the wedding. She exclaimed that she talked to The Boston Heralds that Kennedy and swift had texted that she would like to attend the wedding, that also just one hour prior to the wedding, to which Victoria said that “please don’t come”. But, still, the duo attended the wedding.

Victoria had to personally go to Ms Swift and had to ask her to leave, she gave a statement later. She asked Swift to leave as politely as ever. Ms swift was flabbergasted and made faces, but eventually left the scene, as she was the unwelcome guest!

Swifts more feminism stories:

Swift is crazy about feminism. But, she has double standards. It’s an act only to draw mileage from the media. Swift has also supported Kesha during her legal battle against Dr Luke. In Jan 2017 she tweeted her support to Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Arian Grande and Rihanna during a Women’s march!

Harris was head over heels in love with Swift. Rihanna was featured in her latest hit single “This Is What You Came For”. Swift, also mad in using a new pseudonym” Nils Sjoberg” in the credits on the song to prevent the media of going undue publicity to the couple. Swifts claim of songwriting credit fell on deaf ears! Harris, however, said he will continue working with Swift always.

Swift is an ace in breaking hearts, she has already ruined Calvin Harris and Tom Huddleston’s relationship with her. Swift and Harris reportedly split after more than a year of dating and it dates back to June 2016 and immediately she was seen roaming around with Huddleston painting the town red!

Her Altercation with Kanye West: Kanye West interrupted Swift in 2009 during the VMAs. Swift did not take kindly to this and went ahead and wrote the song” Innocent”. keeping a framed photo of the incident makes her into a mad genius!

At the Grammy Awards, 2015, Swift mend fences with West. Kanye West was very much excited in releasing “The Life of Pablo” in the year 2016. The popular single “Famous” had lyrics which were a sensation. “ I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex…Why?… I made that lady famous…!! He did not stop at that. This particular Music Video even demonstrated a model resembling Swift lying without clothes in bed next to West!! Kim Kardashian also went to town and said no one should blame Swift for taking offence. Swift won the Grammy awards that year, and she looked through West that day. Kim was aghast but exclaimed a Swift was the master in playing the victim and did it again! Swift’s loyalists, however, denied the claim and swift herself released a statement to the press saying” Please keep me out of this narrative……I was not part of it…! Thus, the man-eater went to town exclaiming.

Swift is not called for nothing as a man-eater! She needs in a man always a forgetful nature about her previous relationships! Alwyn was a naïve guy. He fitted the bill to the T. According to the Hollywood life…the two must have been secretly dating since October 2016, the website cites video evidence of the two attending a Kings of Leon concert in New York City!

Allwyn has, however, been tight-lipped about their alleged tryst and Swift, for her part has reportedly donned disguises such as hats and scarves to hide from prying eyes. She went ahead and rented a house in North London to get to know him better!

Swift has always nursed an ambition of becoming a Diva and will go to any lengths to further her ambition. She cares two hoots about society in particular and the world in general! Always, she has been an actor in her life and a fierce competitor. The energy she exudes will put a sportswoman in shame!

In February 2015, Billboard reported that Swift’s team threatened legal action against fans who used the phrase “This sick Beat” on Etsy items. Swifts’ copyright and trademark claims made major headlines in 2015, her habit of targeting people for even an iota of small misgivings has not been taken kindly by the media. The Nashville Post reported that in 2009, Swift’s “merchandise enforcement team” targeted 24 people who allegedly violated some of her unspecified trademarks. She cleverly sued and won an injunction against 16 of the 24 defendants!! People say that her “Delicate” video was not original.

Taylor swift has worked with director Joseph Kahn on all her music videos. one such video was for “Delicate”, in which Swift, lad in a formal gown at a red carpet event, becomes invisible and dances around Los Angeles!

Critics and the media were smart enough to notice that the dramatic similarities between “Delicate” video and a 2106 Spike Jonze directed an ad for the fragrance Kenzo world” starring Margaret Qualley. In this particular Ad, Qualley dances and makes many of the facial expressions same like Swift, leaving a formal event to let loose. Surprisingly, the choreography is also similar. The moves of classically trained ballerina’s moves were far better than that of Swift’s moves. Swift was no match for Margaret!

The fans had to prove their loyalty, purchasing copies of Swift’s Reputation album by leaping head over heels! The alternative press called the exercise exclaiming that” nothing more than a transparent cash grab”.

According to page six, a fashion PR guru shaded Swift’s video in a tweet, which was eventually deleted and said to call them, they will help!

Swift went on a Reputation world tour and enlisted in Ticketmaster’s “verified fan” system. But, the loyalist of Swift said that it was a ploy to make more money. In the program, as per the Guardian, an algorithm determines if the ticket purchaser is a true fan or a crazy idiot. Now a day, Taylor is keeping a low profile and has not been heard shouting above rooftops! She was very sad about people saying that her team is the e elite one, but, as she knows herself, she is just biding away time with close friends.

Taylor Swift has become the queen of controversies. She became famous, made money but is now into degrading videos. The mental imbalance is showing in her acts and behaviour. No wonder, tomorrow one hears about her depression and reclusive behaviour. The name, fame and money have got the better of her. She truly needs a psychiatrist to bail her out from her present situation. All the best Taylor swift!! Be calm and be honest to yourself! Then only you will excel in your future endeavours!

By Donald D’ Silva, Mira Road, Karkala

Donald D’ Silva is an Advertising Professional & Brand Strategist managing his own Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai.

He writes about Current Affairs, Political Analysis, Bollywood Happenings and a variety of Social subjects.

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