Teigen shares cute image

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Teigen shares cute image of John Legend, daughter

New York, May 22 (IANS) Model Chrissy Teigen has shared an adorable photograph of her husband John Legend and their newborn daughter Luna.


Teigen treated her Snapchat followers with a cute photograph on Friday when she shared an image of Legend resting his eyes while cradling their five-week-old daughter on his chest, reports people.com.

Teigen and Legend appeared to be on a private jet possibly en route back home following their packed New York City visit.

While promoting his new off-Broadway show “Turn Me Loose” on the “Today” show on Thursday, Legend explained that parenthood has made him a bit tired.

“(Luna) is doing really well. We do sleep less but I’m just adjusting,” Legend said.

“I think people have been having kids for a long time, we’re not the first people to do it and I think your body just figures it out and we’re having a great time,” he added.

As for lullabies, Teigen shared that Luna’s 10-time Grammy-winning father hasn’t gotten come up with some stellar songs.

“I gotta say though, if you could listen in, some of them are pretty questionable,” she quipped.

“He doesn’t really know how to sing to babies … (The) bath time song wasn’t so good, I will say, last night. It was like, ‘You’re taking a bath time’. Like, there was just no thought into it,” she said.

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