Testosterone therapy boosts sexual desire, overall health in elderly

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New York, Feb 18 (IANS) Testosterone therapy can work wonders in the elderly in not only enhancing their sexual desire but also in improving walking ability, energy levels and overall health, a significant clinically-proven study has revealed.

Men above 65 years of age who underwent the vitality trial test for testosterone treatment showed improved levels of sexual function, mood and fewer depressive symptoms.

The vitality trial test also showed improved sexual desire, walking ability, energy level, and better overall health, the research revealed.

Older men who received testosterone therapy for an year, showed significant improvements in sexual function, including sexual activity, sexual desire, and erectile function versus those men who were on placebo.

“The results of the TTrials (Testosterone Trials) show for the first time that testosterone treatment of older men who have unequivocally low testosterone levels does have some benefit,” said principal investigator Peter J. Snyder, professor at University of Pennsylvania.

While participants enrolled in the trial that assessed physical function did not see significant improvements in their walking ability — as measured by an increase of 50 metres or more in their distance walked in six minutes — an increase was found when all participants were evaluated.

The TTrials were conducted at 12 sites in the US. The researchers screened 51,085 men to find 790 who qualified with a sufficiently low testosterone level and who met other criteria, said the study that appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The men enrolled were randomised into two groups: One to take a daily testosterone gel and the other a daily placebo gel, for one year. Efficacy was then evaluated at months three, six, nine and 12.

No adverse side-effects were reported, even a year after the testosterone therapy was discontinued.

However, a larger trial would be needed to conclusively demonstrate safety over time, the researchers noted.

As men age, their testosterone levels decrease and they often become more fatigued and experience a decreased sex drive.

Whether these symptoms are owing to drop in testosterone levels and whether testosterone should be given to older men with low testosterone levels has been controversial and earlier studies of testosterone treatments have been inconclusive.

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