That’s Not Smart! MCC ignoring Open Drainage causing Diseases

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That’s Not Smart! MCC ignoring Open Drainage causing Diseases

Mangaluru: While the City Officials are on the verge of making Mangaluru a “Smart City”, have turned a blind eye towards a few open drainage in the city which have been creating unbearable stink, more than that have giving scope for mosquito breeding leading to diseases like Malaria and Dengue. Among the open drainage near Bejai Road, Alake road, the “Mother of all Drainage” is the one flowing all the way from Attavar towards Pandeshwar and further more- I have no idea where it ends–probably into Arabian Sea or some other river.

The open drainage highlighted in this report is the one flowing at Attavar, on the Mescom Office stretch of road, and the residents living in the apartments and independent houses are not happy with the officials of Mangaluru City Corporation even after repeated requests and complaints made to the MCC office and their area corporator. One of the resident from the flat very adjacent to this open drainage had called our office and requested to make a report and highlight it in our website- and Team Mangalorean swung into action without wasting further time.

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Sharath Shetty, a resident of Attavar, who lives just a couple of blocks from KMC-Attavar speaking to Team Mangalorean said, ” What are our officials talking about making our City a ‘Smart City’, when they can’t even fix a civic issue like this open-drainage which has been existing for years, and lately has been creating a safety hazard to the residents living around it. The odour from this drainage is unbearable with filth, sewage waste, human feces, etc etc flowing along with the dirty water, and we can see mosquitoes all along the drainage. It’s a hell out here living close to such a filthy open drainage”.

Yet another resident, Maurice from a nearby flat said, ” Although me and my family moved here into a close by apartment, but I heard from my neighbors that they have facing this problem since 20 years, and its getting bad lately, with more dirty water adding to this open drain coming from Mangalore Central Railway Station, Attavar KMC Hospital, and other building projects far and near to Attavar. You can see waste water from a workers toilet flowing into this open drain at a nearby construction site (see pic). I am worried about my two children who walk close by to this drainage of getting bit by mosquitoes and landing up in hospital with Malaria or Dengue. Does the City Officials ever care of the safety and health issues of their citizens”.

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Yet another resident who wanted to remain anonymous due to some earlier conflict with MCC officials said, ” When the right day comes I will show how many toilets are linked to this drainage. Many residents of this area in the past have been afflicted with diseases like Malaria, Dengue and other Vector-borne diseases, right from adults to children.. It is scary out here-look at the pathetic condition of the drainage, the smell is terrible some days, and we all have to bear with such consequences every single day. When the residents had contacted the MCC authorities, they gave an excuse stating that to fix this civic issue would cost them crores of rupees. Now that crores of money is pumped into the city from Central government, its time that they utilize part of the money and rectify this problem with a systematic drainage. Our area corporator should take the initiative, but it doesn’t looks like “

In meantime a MCC official said that there are plans to dispose the sewage water by installing pipelines, and efforts have been done to check on illegal sewage connections to this drain. The only solution for this civic issue to cover the drain or install pipelines to dispose the water, other than that someone has to come out with a better idea. Seems like the drainage work is handled by the UGD (Under Ground Drainage) department and the only thing that the ward corporator can do is to assist the locals in his ward and assure them proper action in rectifying the issues. Until then the residents have to keep their fingers crossed to see any progress.

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  1. Drainage is not a problem! Crores of Rupees too are not a problem!

    Problems are: Proper Planning, Correct Engineering, Flawless Professional
    timely Execution, and Proper Usage, and sensible and responsible people!

    All the above parameters are missing in Karnataka as a whole, be it in
    the so called IT city Bangalore, or the so named Smart City Mangaluru,
    or the so called Temple Town, Udupi.

    Ancient open Storm waterways made of stone with proper laws of physics
    used to work well to take on any amount of rain and water during the
    monsoon season, and thereafter would remain clean and dry, during the
    days of the old – when there were no packaged products, no supermarkets,
    no apartment buildings, and no Municipality and only Panchayats and local
    residents were officials, who lived around and walked around everywhere –
    and they cared!

    Today, these Storm Water open drains are full all sorts, dumped by irresponsible people living around or from the neighbourhood.

    The Municipality or the Ministry of Public Works or the Ministers – whosoever are in charge, reflects the negligence on the overall tidiness or cleanliness of a town or a city. The present Indian PM started the Swwach Bharat awareness, with a lot of expo from all media, and even began charging for it in every sense. This has all fizzled out as quickly as it dawned – but the revenue it will generate, won’t!

    Rest is a tragedy like everything in India! Blame each other – BJP v/s Congress Congress v/s BJP. None of these party leaders ever walk the talk or the streets or the open gutters!

  2. • Without access to clean drinking water, disease and infections that were common in past would quickly resurface. It is Civic Municipal council’s goal to improve the quality of all waters that surround us utilising the most environmentally products and methodologies currently available.

    Proper Functional drains,Sewage Treatment Plants needed in every Ward
    Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance, Service and Repairs
    When you begin to notice problems with Town drainage you may have a blockage, build up of sludge or failing equipment within your sewage treatment plant and will need maintenance, service or repairs to correct the problem. each house is Paying in Rs.thousands in Property Tax, GST etc…
    A foul smell near your Apartment, Villa, property may indicate poor effluent from the discharge pipes to the watercourse. Need expert more drain CLeaning Crew Teams 6 Persons per Kms, with good pay and with personal safety protection Gum boots, hand Gloves, Masks needed,
    A white algae or sewage fungus is a sure sign there is a maintenance issue and immediate repairs may be necessary. Your sewage waste may also be backing up your pipes to the house or you may see a spillage from your sewage treatment plant. due to this ground water contaminated, children get sick
    Servicing Town sewage treatment plants at regular intervals will help ensure equipment failure is minimised. plant to ensure everything, including electrics are left in perfect working order.
    the responsibility we all have to protect our environment for the future.
    Right equipment for the right job
    to get the best results for us, we need to be working with the right equipment.
    All Shops bldgs., Markets built with wash rooms & Toilets for customers, Tourists

  3. Almost on daily basis, this portal publishes reports on pathetic state of infrastructure in a city that should make your stomach sick. At the same time, there is a group of elected individuals writing up proposals to grab 2000 koti rupaayees. When is media going to ask them tough questions?

    • Almost on daily basis, this portal publishes reports on Pathetic state of infrastructure in a city that should make your stomach sick. – Tooth Shaker – namma Kudlada Rampe.

      Lmao! This poor simple-minded Joker acts like he was born in Manhattan instead of M’lore or Boston instead of Bantwal!

      Since you think you are a brown—- now, do us all a favor. Stick to NY Times. And when you need a whiff of India – open up those soggy/gooey dog-eared copies of Surathi that you unerringly packed while doing padhrad to Yumreeka. Take a peek. release some steam! 😉 You should find some peace.

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