The Biggest Names at the Tracks

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The Biggest Names at the Tracks

While horse racing is a collaboration between man and beast, you can’t help but appreciate racehorses’ resilience. They carry their jockeys, saddle, irons and yet, attain incredible speed, which gives victory to riders and sports betting fans when their names are all over the odds at the bookies and online at Timeform. Therefore, there’s not a single doubt these magnificent beasts need recognition exclusive of their riders. Without much ado, here are some of the names everyone knows on the tracks.


Looking it at from the modern era, Frankel is by far Britain’s greatest racehorse. As if winning ten group-1 races wasn’t enough, he consistently remained undefeated for three racing seasons. If that’s not impressive enough, tell that to sports betting fans that smiled to the bank almost every time he hit the racetracks.

He also has international and championship stake victories under his belt. Unlike some horses, Frankel’s prowess on the tracks was terrific and didn’t diminish with age. However, like every other racehorse, Frankel’s career reached its peak but not before he achieved the highest rating awarded to a racehorse.

Desert Orchid

When it comes to the famous National Hunt racing, this racehorse is one of the most prolific winners you’ll ever find. When he was at the top of his game, he won most of the prestigious races in British horse racing history. This includes Cheltenham gold cup, King George IV Chase, and the Grand National (Ireland). In fact, four different times, Desert orchid won four King George IV Chase’ titles.

Makybe Diva

While this Diva is an Australian champion, it will interest you to know that she was British-foaled. Coming from the famous desert king’s impressive bloodline, who won the Irish Derby, there’s little wonder Makybe turned out an excellent racehorse. She arrived in Australia at one year old and grew to become the only racehorse in Australia’s horse racing history to win the prestigious Melbourne cup — three consecutive times. Though she was a versatile racehorse, her record out on the turf was nothing short of fantastic.


Ribot embodies the epitome of an international achieving racehorse. While he was born and raised in the UK, he traveled to Italy, where he won all 16 races he participated in. This feat made him the most prolific and undefeated racehorse to come out of the United Kingdom. In the UK, Ribot won Queen Elizabeth’s stakes, the prestigious King George IV chase, and two victories at France’s Prix de l’ Arc de Triomphe. Ribot’s nickname, the world-beater, is nothing short of apt.


Every country’s horse racing history always has that single horse with incredible strength, size, and ability. For the United Kingdom, Eclipse was one that fit that category. Eclipse remained unbeaten in all eighteen tournaments. While his stats date back to the 1700s, no horse matches Eclipse’s power and speed. Believed to have never been tested to his limits, Eclipse won every race like it was “a walk in the park.” Before finishing his racing career, Eclipse was sire to some of the most impressive British bloodlines.

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