The Codava National Council Urges Govt to Eradicate Naxal Menace in Codava & Nearby Areas

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The Codava National Council, Madikeri Urges Government through a letter to the Union Home Minister to Eradicate Naxal Menace in the Codava and Neighbouring Areas at the earliest

Mangaluru: With the summer starting and lots of visitors storming the Codava/Madikeri/Scenic Areas, and this has been a time when Naxals make their appearance to create havoc and disturbance in the locality and create fear among the locals, the Chairman and members of Codava National Council been said in Madikeri has urged the Union Home Minister to take quick action in eradicating the Naxals menace that has been invading the locality, thereby starting fear and tension among the Codavas and other communities.

Advocate N U Nachappa Codava, Chairman of the Codava National Council, Madikeri, along with members of CNC has written a letter to the Union Minister of Home Affairs to take quick action before it is too late for the Naxals to use their force. In the letter, it states:

1. The Hon’ble Union Minister for Home Affairs,
Govt of India,
North Block,
New Delhi- 1ies.

2. The Chief Election Commission of India,
Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
New Delhi-110001

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: The Naxal combing operations in the borders of Codava-land, aka Coorg, during the period of all the elections are a threat to internal peace & tranquillity, national & internal security and the sovereignty of our nation. The Naxal menace should be permanently eradicated/wiped out and nipped in the bud. CNC urges the concerned-

Whenever elections are being conducted in Coorg, the Naxal menace will occur. Now, the Special Task Force is conducting combing operations in the Coorg Malabar, Coorg Tulunaad and Coorg Mysore borders. After the tragic Devaattparamb Codava Genocide, people intruded from the Tulu Country and sheltered in the lands of the perished Codavas’ hereditary properties. Naxalism’s mindset originally sprouted seeds from the Devaattparamb Codava genocide beneficiaries in 1800, which was effectively quelled by indigenous Codava Warriors between 1834 and 1837, thereby protecting the Codava homeland and strongly determining our rights of self-determination.

Again the Naxal menace germinated after the merging of Coorg State with Vishal Mysore in 1956 when the State Reorganization Act came into force. The naxal threat loomed large in 1969 on the borders of Kutta, Makutta, and Karike under the leadership of a woman called Ajitha. This was completely wiped out by the then MSRP (Mysore State Reserve Police). Again it grew and spread in 2007-2008 by sending threatening letters to Kodava farmers. During those difficult times, CNC conducted innumerable awareness meetings across Codava territory to boost the morale of our farmers and furnished the names of seditious conspirators to the Government. Here, SP can trace the seditious conspirators easily.

Those who are attempting to remove our special Gun Exemption Rights and always have a witchcraft eye to meddle with our hereditary communal lands are hand in glove with these Naxalites. Few anti-Codava, rather Codava-phobic elements are seriously working with them. Once they remove our “Sacrament”, the special Gun Exemption Rights, they can easily sneak and lurk into this pristine land and will take control of this Sacrosanct land. It will be risking our national security.

The few law officers working in the District Court – who appeared for the bail plea of the Naxal element Rupesh of Kerala – are certainly scheming covertly to spread the Naxal menace. An un-sacred alliance of some University Professors, Intellectual Mafias, NGO Mafias and some labour Union Mafia are also behind these Naxal activities. If Government Intelligences like the CIB and NIA put surveillance on their activities, the government can easily trace and find who the Naxalism feeders are.

Those who are always spraying Codava phobia do so by stalling patriotic Codavas’ legitimate aspirations of Gun Exemption Rights, Codaval-and demands and ST tag. Opposing of the Devaattparamb Codava Genocide Memorial Monument, and questioning our rights to determine our age-old hereditary lands while objecting to the entry to our holy pilgrimage site Talacauvery make the real backbone of the Naxalites. They are hell-bent on nullifying all these heritage markers and traits of the indigenous micro Codavas and orchestrating this grand evil design, extending strategic and logistic support to Naxalism.

There are a certain few, the Codava-hating political class, during the day they speak about Nationalism with our people but at night, they preach Naxalism. They have networks in universities, courts and revenue departments and call themselves NGOs while portraying themselves as anti-establishment, but are taking shelter under Governmental Institutions to eke out their bread and butter. They even have a nexus of global terrorist outfits to destabilize our country. This is a great threat to the peace, tranquillity, national & internal security and sovereignty of our nation at large. The government should eradicate these seditious conspirators and nip this issue in the bud.

Thanking You

With warm Regards,

N U Nachappa Codava, BA, LLB, Advocate,
Chairman, CNC,
Codava National Council
P.B No-12, Madikeri-571201,

Resi: NoorokkanaadHills,
Codavaland AKA Coorg, Southwest Karnataka, India- Bharath, South Asia.
Copies Marked
1. Dr Subramanian Swamy ji, PhD ( Harvard)
World-renowned Economist,
Hon’ble Former Union Law, Justice and Commerce Minister, Govt of India,
Resi: A-77, Nizamuddin East,
New Delhi-110013

2.Sri Ramarajan IPS
Superintendent of Police
Kodagu- Coorg,

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