The curses of the Satvics!

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The curses of the Satvics!

More than a week back I had given a challenge to Nityananda and his cohorts to take my challenge to prove the powers of their ‘third eye’ at a date and time fixed by mutual consent at Mangalore. Since that got widely reported in the media I was threatened that I will be shown their powers. Though quite a few days have elapsed nothing seems to be happening. Some of his devotees had called and offered to show the powers. But the tragedy is that none has shown up so far!

Instead, I have been getting threats on Facebook and also curses. Particularly by one Mahayogini Nithya Mahayogananda. Of course, this is an addition to what has been threatened so far! But this particular one issued last night at 11:22 pm just leaves me two more days until the 6th night before I develop cancer of you know what! Do not know whether the obsession of this Mahayogini with that particular organ makes her curse me with a cancer of that but I would like clarification about the same: Five studies on penile cancer showed only uncircumcised males developed the disease, and several investigations have reported sexually transmitted diseases occurred more often in uncircumcised males.These and other symptoms may be caused by penile cancer. Other conditions may cause the

I do know how she diagnosed the disease in me! Anyway since I have only a little time left I would like her to clarify as to when I should come to Bidadi for treatment as advised by her. By the way, she could also diagnose what is wrong with her boss as he claims this:

… Nithyananda says he is beyond gender, incapable of alleged sexual acts. India FP StaffJun, 24 … Read the free-wheeling interview, along with a short video, here, where he talks about sex scandals, his spiritual orientation and the recent scandal in which he was alleged to have abused an NRI woman:.

We do not know whether this happened to Nityananda because of the curse of his devotees or any other reason but they could use their third eye for it! For the sake of the proponents of the third eye and for the information of all concerned we reiterate our challenges to them:

Since the third eye activation gang of Nityananda is making claims that they are very scientific and doing yeoman service to the society, I as an individual in my own humble way would like to make my small contribution to this noble cause in the form of a grant of rs.5 lakhs only. Here are the terms and conditions:

I, Narendra Nayak aged 66 years s/o late R.C.Nayak, President Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, resident of 101, Noel Park, Microwave station road, Mangalore-575006 and have been investigating paranormal phenomena since past four decades have come across a recent fad going on in our country in the name of third eye activation being conducted by a number individuals and alleged spiritual gurus. While most of the claims made are unverifiable and extremely subjective, one which is striking is that they can make subjects see through blindfolds- to be specific that they can see without any light reflected from the object reaching the retina of the individual whose ‘midbrain’ has been activated. Since this claim is of earth-shaking sequences and surely capable of earning a Nobel prize for the claimant and also to revolutionize a lot of things in the world, we would like to verify the same under tightly controlled conditions. I would also like to make a grant of Rs 500,000 to anyone who can demonstrate the same under such conditions which have loosely specified as below. More specifics will be laid down if anyone is agreeable to demonstrate their claims under these broad guidelines. We are not entering into any wager or betting but only making a small grant to further research and investigations into this matter to enable the applicant to rise to further heights in the field which promises to be a very promising one. However to prevent fortune hunters and such non-serious contenders we have to also specify a security deposit of Rs.50,000 which shall be refunded along with the grant money of they succeed in demonstrating the desired objective under conditions specified by us.

Terms and conditions for the grant of Rs 500,000 for carrying out further development in the field of seeing without any light inputs on the retina.

1.Since the claim is that the subject will identify objects, read material without any visual stimulus from them we shall be taking measures to see that no such will reach the eyes of the subject to be examined.

2. Blindfold shall mean any implement of any material used to block visual access to the object to be identified which may mean something fixed around the eyes or anywhere else between the eyes of the subject and the object. It may be one or more such.( further amendment- however, the devices used will be only those used for sports, recreation or medical purposes for humans or those made specifically for these tests without any invasion into the body of the subject under testing.

3. If colors, numbers of notes or any printed matter will be read it shall be done in an enclosed container into which the hands of the child shall be inserted in a foolproof manner. The object shall be put in a tube of opaque cloth with a double fastening. The access will be allowed only after loosening one, insertion of the arm to its maximum and then tightening the same after which the fastening around the object to be identified will be removed. The objects will be put into numbered such containers. Only after a proper recording of the observations will the objects be taken out.

4. The answers are to be specific. In case of written material placed for identification, the exact reproduction is needed. In case of a currency note the denomination, currency, serial numbers are to be given.

5. The applicant shall be allowed to first demonstrate what the subject/s is/are capable of doing using their own props and blindfolds but that shall have no bearing whatsoever on the tests which we shall conduct using our own material and conditions which shall be put into further detail before the test is conducted by us.

6. Once the subjects are going to be ready to be tested by us the applicant will have to desist from giving them any sort of communication. Any such attempts shall be deemed to be per se malpractice and the results shall be held to be invalid.

7. I am placing the grant amount as rupees five lakhs only. The applicant will have to put in 10% of the same from his/her side as a deposit which shall be forfeited if the subject fails to demonstrate the power. The grant shall be given to the applicant only if the subject under testing shall pass the tests with 90% results. The exact details shall be furnished before the start of the event.

8. If the trial involves minor children the applicant for the grant should provide an undertaking that the consent of the parents has been obtained for the demonstration.

9. In case of any legal dispute, the jurisdiction shall lie in Mangalore.

10. The trial shall be conducted at Mangalore at a venue and date suitable for both parties in the presence of media and members of the Dakshina Kannada Rationalist Association and others who should inform beforehand that they are going to be present. If the venue is to be shifted out of this place, it shall be at the discretion of the grantor to select or reject the venue.

11. A more detailed agreement shall be drafted and signed before the beginning of the test. Instead of giving useless stupid impotent curses the gang would to better to take up this challenge and show us their mettle.

Narendra Nayak President, Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, Mangalore

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