The French Connection! KMC Bridging Gap in Forensics with French University

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The French Connection! KMC Bridging Gap in Forensics with French University

The French Connection! KMC Forensic Department Bridging Gap in Forensics with Claude Bernard Lyon University-France

Mangaluru: Bienvenue (Welcome) to the1st Indo-French International Forensic Congress 2017 hosted Kasturba Medical College (KMC)-Mangaluru at Hotel Ocean Pearl-Mangaluru which was inaugurated on Thursday, 23 November, and will culminate on 24 November at KMC Medical Education Unity Hall-LHH R, Mangaluru. In Sanskrit, there is a phrase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means “the world is one family”- One is a relative, the other stranger, say the small minded. The entire world is a family, live the magnanimous. Be detached, be magnanimous, lift up your mind, enjoy the fruit of freedom.” And here at this Congress are two Nations- France and India well connected and united as one for a good purpose.

This Congress/Conference is indeed a special occasion where the delegates from two nations (India & France); and from eight states of India can meet and greet each other. Asa global education hub, Mangaluru offers highly skillful and quality researchers in medicine and various other fields. Hence, the connections and collaborations like these, are the bridges to further the knowledge in the subject, thereby improvise and practically incorporate them to achieve great heights. This highly resourceful conference has attracted over 100 delegates comprising forensic experts, doctors,lawyers, police officers from all over India and delegates from France- and also including a sizable gathering of students, postgraduates and doctors, as the conference is packed with fruitful scientific sessions like guest lectures and quality E-poster presentations, of medico legal importance.

The Conference which is accredited from the Karnataka Medical Council, has a theme, “CONNECTIONS BRIDGING THE PRESENT AND FUTURE IN FORENSICS” with the rapid growth of forensic research and medical education between two Nations.The two days programme has been designed to cover the theme of the conference with highlight on newer forensic research, recent advances in forensic medicine for crime detection and concrete and uniform guidelines in practice of forensic medicine and toxicology. This conference is a collaboration meeting between Manipal University and Claude Bernard Lyon University-France, and it also happens to be the FIRST ever assembly between two nations in the world of forensics. Keeping with the phenomenal growth is Forensic Science, Law and Medical Education throughout the world, the conference has thus this unique theme. Eminent experts from India, France and other countries will be giving talks on various topics during the 2-day conference.conference

The programme began with invoking God’s blessings rendered by Dr Soumya J Rao, followed by welcome address by Dr B Suresh Kumar Shetty- Organizing Secretary of the Congress. Dr M Venkatraya Prabhu – Organizing Chairperson addressing the gathering said, ” Today is indeed a great day, that in America they are celebrating it as a “Thanksgiving Day”, giving thanks to the Almighty God for his blessings, and also for the harvest- and here we have delegates from two nations, India and France, giving thanks to each other for the friendship and connections with each other. The French delegates are here to share their vision with us, and we should learn more from them. French are one of the leading promoters in Medicine, and for the fact, the stethoscope was invented by a French Physician. From this conference we need to be wiser from the French. Let the two nations-India and France make a difference through this conference”

The conference was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp by chief guest- Sasikanth Senthil IAS- DC and District Magistrate of DK, along with other dignitaries on the dais namely- Prof Daniel Malicier (France); Dr Poornima Baliga- Pro Vice Chancellor Health sciences-Manipal University; Dr V Surendra Shetty- Pro Chancellor Mangaluru Campus-Manipal University; Dr M Venkatraya; Dr Suresh Kumar Shetty; and Dr Jagadish Rao P- the co-organizing secretary. In his inaugural speech, the chief guest Sasikanth Senthil said, ” Being a person of a different profession among you all domain experts, but I can say that law enforcement is a major area in forensic. Forensic Medicine which has been gaining ground at present with new innovations and techniques, it is high time that those engaged in this medical field try to plan for its expansion in future. And conferences like these will go a long way in covering the latest advances registered in the field of Forensic Medicine”.

Dr V Surendra Shetty also speaking said, ” Today, as we all know that the world is becoming increasingly litigation oriented. Forensic Medical professionals play a major role in providing justice to the victims. Prompt identification becomes a nightmare, with the advancing technology, now more applications are available to contribute to law and justice. Conferences like today’s bring professionals together and enable them to exchange their views, update knowledge and share experiences. And here we have two nations-France and India, bringing together researchers, academics and professionals together to discuss their current research output in the domain of Forensic Sciences. And the theme for this conference is of utmost relevance as it inspires us to deliberate on the research insights of eminent researchers in the field of Forensic Science”.

Professor Daniel Malicier addressing the gathering said, ” I have great relationship with Indians since I have been to this Country over 20 times, and I have also like Mangaluru when I had been here earlier during the signing of MoU between Manipal University and Claude Bernard Lyon University-France. I appreciate the kind welcome and hospitality that is always shown towards me when I am here. In the present world we need to live in harmony and without any fighting and communal disturbances. I am sure that this conference will be of great importance, and the challenges now for all of us is to embrace the new ideas and approaches so eloquently anticipated during the conference, so that we support intellectual stimulation that will facilitate strengthening scientific evidence in the domain of Forensic Sciences”.

The E-souvenir was released by Dr Poornima Baliga, and also the e-Inauguration of the conference was also done by her. As a token of love for signing the MoU between Manipal University and Claude Bernard Lyon University-France, a memento was presented to Prof. Daniel Malicier. The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Jagadish Rao P, and the inaugural programme was professionally compered by Dr Varsha and Dr Charan Raj, of KMC Forensic Dept. Dr. Haneil L D’Souza – Joint Organizing Secretary handled the audio-video presentation. The formal inaugural function ended with the national anthems of the two nations -France “La Marseillaise” and India “Jana Gana Mana”!

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